Shop Local Tuesday: Home based Businesses

I've worked in a few Home based businesses or Network Marketing Businesses.  And there are some home based businesses out there that I love their products but I'm not going to become a consultant, or whatever it is they have for names of their distributers.  But I thought today I would focus on the two Network Marketing companies that I am a part of and share with you all some of the perks of these companies.

The first Network Marketing Company I started with was Fifth Avenue Collection Jewelry! And in my opinion they are the best jewelry company out there! They use natural gem stones and Swarovski Crystals.  All their earrings are 14 karat gold posts or sterling silver hooks making them wearable for all people who struggle with earrings.  We also use the Davinci clip for clip on earrings which are self adjustable and can be set for individual comfort.

Another thing I love about Fifth Avenue is that they are a Canadian Company that has extended world wide! Fifth Avenue Collection is also a direct to you sales company meaning if you like a piece today you can buy it right off the table, no waiting, no delivery costs.  Fifth Avenue collection stands behind their jewelry and will repair or replace any damaged pieces, even if your child rips it from your neck.

My friend Tamara, got me started with Fifth Avenue Collection and it was great, it is a great company for making some extra money and staying at the Independent Jeweller level is ok because they have a great commission program (if you want to know more about your potential earnings I can direct you to Tamara).  You can move up in management positions and earn even more money but you can be quite lucrative at just the independent jeweller.

The next company I got involved with is Arbonne International.  Arbonne is a health and beauty company that started in Switzerland than moved to America.  It's been around for 35 years but only in Canada for 9 now.  The products are amazing, I love their skin care line the Re9 which is anti-aging and their Arbonne Essentials line (food) is yummy deliciousness!

I've only started with Arbonne, but I've been using their products for about 7 years now.  They are great and I would never go back to using drug store products.  Things that really sell me on Arbonne is that they are an all natural company with no preservatives, no animal products or by products, they are alkaline based and they are beneficial! I also like that they are safe for my kids so when I make my protein shakes in the morning and my youngest begs for some I can give him some of mine and it's safe for him to drink!

I've moved up the ranks in Arbonne to the first management level.  It's a lot of fun and the rewards for the management encourage me to continue moving forward. I have found that I have a passion for Arbonne that I didn't have with Fifth Avenue Collection.  It's also a company that allows me to use so many of their products in different areas of my life, and I know other people will enjoy these products as well!!

 Another thing to keep in mind with these home based businesses, is that you are then shopping local, you are supporting a small business owner within your community.  Most small business owners I know also support local so the money stays in the community helping everyone thrive and grow! So Shop Local!! For the rest of February I am going to show case other ways I shop local!! I challenge the rest of you to do so as well!!


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