Monday Update: New Job

Four and a half years ago I left the teaching field, accidentally and on purpose.  I know that sounds like a weird statement, but I left because I needed something that was more sustainable then subbing and would allow me to not have to carry two jobs, but would give me some flexibility in my time off.  I was working a second job at Parkland CLASS at the time and a supervisor position opened up, since subbing was not going well, this felt like a good decisions so I went for it.  I stopped subbing and took a Monday to Friday job in a group home.

Now four and a half years later I have reentered the teaching field.  I am not back in middle school, which is the area I left behind, I am now in a high school (my unlikely love as I was an elementary generalist). I am now working in a specialized classroom. I classroom I have had four and a half years of training to be qualified to work in not to mention the six years of classroom teaching I had done previously.

I am working in a Foundations Classroom, it's such a nice meld of my two career worlds.  I am working with an awesome co-teacher and our team teaching is working out amazing.  I am enjoying getting to know the kids and can see so much potential in this program and with where I can take this program. It's really very exciting for me!

It's great being back in the classroom!! I am loving it so much and I am so excited about what we will be doing in the near future!

Are you loving your job? What do you do for work?


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