Shop Local Tuesday: Jungle Farm

Spring is coming, I believe this, and I am waiting with bated breath.  There are so many things that I love about spring, but one of the things I LOVE the most is that it means it's planting season! I am an amateur gardener and I am really a potato, swiss chard grower as those are the only two things that grow well for me in my garden.  I need to get some sand in my garden, which seems like a weird statement, but my nice black dirt is so thick and gets so hard that I know I need something to help with this problem so that I can get more things to grow.

Thankfully, I live in a province that has a huge agricultural heritage, and thankfully many people have come before me and have perfected the art of growing produce that I enjoy eating.  So I don't have to become an expert yet, and I will continue to keep trying new plants but while I am doing my trail and error process I had best have a back up plan to enjoy my fresh produce.  This is where the Jungle Farm comes in!!

The Jungle Farm is a u-pick strawberry farm just outside of Innisfail.  They grow other things as well, but the strawberries is what their u-pick is famous for, but they have a whole farm or produce that is yummy.

You can go out to the Jungle Farm and pick strawberries, raspberries and Saskatoons when they are in season.  But you can also purchase different produce and jams and baked goods as well.

The owners are also great people, I used to teach two of their oldest sons. They also have a great pumpkin patch in October. So in an effort to live the 100 mile lifestyle, check out the Jungle Farm!

What are your favourite Shop Local places?


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