Woman Crush Wednesday: Uniquely Becky

Without going into a whole bunch of personal details about this friend of mine, I am going to tell you why ALL of you should have a Crush on this ferocious, but small woman!!

One of my favourite Shakespeare plays is a Midsummer's Night Dream, in it Helena says of Hermia "...And though she be little, she is fierce" I love this quote, and it perfectly describes so many of my friends who may be considered short in stature, not me, I'm usually the friendly glamazon beside them.  But this quote for me sums up so many of traits that I admire about Becky, that's her blog to learn more about her in her own words.

So here are the top five qualities I admire in Becky, and they are qualities that I think you would admire as well

1) She is loyal.  She stands by her friends, I know we've been friends for almost 20 years now (yeah I did the math) and I know that she has had friends for that amount of time or longer. But she's not blindly loyal, she's not just going to be friends with someone because of a shared past, treat her respectfully, and she will be loyal until the end, be disloyal and expect her to walk away, as is only the fair response.

2) She's a runner!  Which I think is amazing, I like to say I'm a runner, but Becky is truly a runner, and though I've always loved running, she inspires me to do more, run more, improve that skill so I can improve myself!! She's travelled all over the place for runs, San Fransisco, Vancouver, Calgary (ok she lives in Calgary so no travelling but she still goes out to run). And I know she has goals to run more and may even be thinking about the Boston Marathon.... Admirable and I will cheer her on from the finish line, but for now I'd like to just finish my second 1/2 marathon!!!

3) She is one of the most giving people I know.  Becky is always willing to help out how she can and I'm, well no longer amazed, but always so proud that I can say, "She's my friend!" There have been so many times in the past years when her generosity has amazed me, but now I know her generosity, so long as she is able, has no bounds.  And Karma is loving on Becky!!

4) She's real! In all aspects of her life, she is real. She doesn't just paint rosy pictures of her life and act like nothing ever happens that doesn't cause her to react in a negative way, she may not put it all out there for the world to see and judge on, but she's real.  She also doesn't post unnecessary, vague, sympathy seeking posts (Sorry I know I do from time to time, I'm trying to be more like Becky ;)) I love that I can read her posts and know exactly what she is saying is the truth!

5) She's an amazing mother!! She does real with her kids and that's amazing! She teaches them generosity, she teaches them to be thrifty, to repurpose, refinish, and reuse items! She loves her kids, she may not always like what they choose to do, (typical kid behaviour, fighting, colouring on walls) but she is always letting them show their personalities through their clothes accessories and choice in activities.  She doesn't try to make them perfect, because she knows they are perfect as they are, she doesn't want them to fit into a pre-made mould she wants them to excellent at being them! I think Becky is raising her kids to be amazing members of society and I am thankful my kids will have them in their sphere!!

Becky can be quiet, she can be shy, but she is larger than life in all that she commits too!! It's wonderful to see and I am so glad I get to say I've known her for more than 1/2 my life!!

Do you have a friend who is a woman Crush Wednesday contender?


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