Monday Update: New Years Theme

This year I am focusing on me! It seems like a selfish thing to say but I totally don't mean it in a selfish way, I just mean I am doing me.  I work with a teacher and she says "you do you", and for some reason that really resonates with me.  I have to do me!  I've said this in past years but this year I am going to put it into action.

This is the year where I will reach peak physical fitness.  It means I have to commit to what I say I am going to do, running, boot camps, eating right.  I am not going to be a product of my genes, of my family health history, I am going to write my own health journey.  I have an uphill battle, we have a lot of genetic diseases that run in my family, especially when it comes to heart health.  So I am committing to being and doing healthy.  It means I have to be organized, no forgetting to pull out stuff for supper, no not taking a lunch, scheduling time for exercising, and following through on that exercising.  But also allowing myself and forgiving myself should life throw up obstacles that prevent things from happening, those things are ok and they happen.  I just have to dust myself off and move on.  I will run a half marathon that is 2:55 or less.  I will be able to fit into size eight lulu lemon clothing that I purchase at Seawheeze 2016!

This year I will also be mentally a better person, I will stop the trash talk, I will stop the doubting voice in my head, I will be as kind to myself as if am to everyone else.  I am going to read 12 personal growth books this year.  I am a reader so this is a very doable goal, but I like my reading to be a break from reality sometimes so I have to break up my reading and 12 personal growth books means one a month and it will also give me the opportunity to reflect on those books, without saturating my mind with too many ideas.  In January I read Excuses Begone by Dr. Wayne Dwyer.  Since reading that book I've been using affirmations and focusing on letting go of my excuses that prevent me from following my dreams.  It's not always easy to stop your doubting voice or to stop the excuses so you take those chances, but I've found I'm taking more chances and it's fantastic.  In February I will read Daring Greatly by Brene Brown! I'm so excited!

This year I will also expand my spirituality.  I've been attending church moe frequently for the last few months, and whether you are Catholic, Jewish, Muslim or paganism that's not the point of this, this developing my spirituality is me becoming more intuned with energy of the universe.  As I write that it feels very hippy dippy.  I find explaining my spirituality very difficult, maybe because the definition is bigger than words can define for me.  I want to be living a life that resonates with my soul, that as I make choices my soul is happy and there are no doubts that that choice was the right choice for me, but while I am making these choices I am not negatively impinging anyone else.  Spirituality, in part, for me, is letting go of my ego and living an authentic life.  One way I am going to do this is through yoga and mediation, and I am very excited to get my mediation and yoga practice to happen on more regular basis.  

I don't do these things so that I can ignore my responsibilities or family or friends, I do these things so that I can give more fully to my family and friends and responsibilities.  I do these to be my best self, so the people around me can also strive to be their best selves if that is what they want to do and I will help them in any way I can. It will be an adjustment period, it will take some juggling to find out what will work best for our family.  Are morning workouts better or evening workouts? Is doing yoga before work better for my schedule or is it best right befo bed? When is it best to fit in my reading so I have the most retention? Once we get these figured out and get into a schedule other things will fall into place 


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