Friday Five Fitness Five

I am again joining up with You Signed Up For WHAT?!Mar on the Run, & Eat Pray Run, DC, for their Friday Five Link Up!! So this week it's a fitness theme!!

Here are my Five Fitness Goals for 2016
None of these are written in the SMART format but they are summarized for you!!

1) This year will be my fittest and healthiest year to date.  I am going to focus on my health and do things to improve my life and stop sabotaging myself.  I am going to focus on my eating, eating whole foods and foods that are fresh and not processed or from fast food restaurants.  It's going to mean I have to break habits, like eating donuts with my coffee or eating McDonalds when I am feeling rushed, which truly aren't habits I'll miss but I've got to get more organized.

2) I am going to run my fastest 1/2 marathon ever.  Which as long as I beat my time from last year, I'll hit this goal.  I am shooting for a time that is under 3 hours and I know that when I start training this is totally doable.  I wasn't that far off last year, and it would be totally cool to blast that record out of the water, but I'll do what I need to do to make this happen, even if it means running in the snow.

3) I am going to commit to 3 runs a week.  Two shorter runs and 1 long run this will help with my training and my time.  I've not run since my 1/2 marathon last August so I have some time to make up but it's going to be ok, I've been playing soccer since last year and I am very much in shape that way as I don't get exhausted as easily as I did before so win for me!!

4) I will stick with my Arbonne Essential plan and cut out foods that are acidic from my diet.  So this plan is super easy and super effective. It's a plan for 30 days to help you start changing your habits, it's not a quick fix, it's not counting calories, but it's about eating the foods and nutrients your body needs to detoxify itself from the toxins that are around us all day.  It's a way to reset your body and in the long run it will make you healthier which is what I want, the others are just happy side effects.

5) I am going to join a yoga studio and really practice my yoga. I want to get better at my yoga practice, it's something I've loved doing when I do it and I think it's something that will be a total benefit to me in the long run!! So let's yoga out here and make a daily occurrence!!

Do you have fitness goals? What are they?


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