Friday Five: Five Foods Gone for Lent

It's Friday!!! So that means it's the Friday Five Link Up!! I am again joining up with You Signed Up For WHAT?!Mar on the Run, & Eat Pray Run, DC, for their Friday Five Link Up!! This week the theme is food and drink.

So since we have just entered the Lenten season I am going to discuss the FIVE foods I am giving up for Lent and hopefully FOREVER......

1) Soda Pop.....this is generally Pepsi for me, and I really do love Pepsi, the fizzy bubbles cascading down my throat, the cool caffeine jolting my blood sugar, and the sweet sugar dancing over my tastebuds!! Yes, drinking Pepsi for me is an experience, I LOVE it, but I have given it up in the past, and when I say that, this is a dance I've been doing many times with Pepsi for years, but recently something's changed.  I'm not getting the same rush from drinking a Pepsi as I once did, the quenching satisfaction just isn't there.  In September I stopped drinking Pepsi, it wasn't a conscious decision, which may have made it easier, because it wasn't easy to obtain while I was working my new job, and I won't drink diet drinks so I just stopped.  I don't crave it at home that often unless I'm feeling like I'm tired and want some caffeine at night so it wasn't something I thought about.  And when I'd go to restaurants I'd order an Ice Tea then at Christmas we had some Pepsi in the house for our Christmas fun beverages, but I'm not back onto drinking Pepsi, I do know it's a slippery slope though so for Lent, Pepsi is off the agenda.

2) Chips.... I was cursed I tell you!! Not only do I have a very large sweet tooth, I will often find myself craving salt. Two things that are not good for me and yet there you have it, I want them both, and if I can have them both together (Chicago Mix Popcorn nomnomnom) that is the best!! So I am putting an embargo on Chips in my house.  This won't be that hard as I am a chip connoisseur, and only like certain brands (Old Dutch) and certain flavours (Barbecue, Ketchup) of chips.  I just have to make sure that my husband doesn't sabotage me.  I love my husband, but sometimes I question is "good intentions", like when he knows I'm trying to eat healthy and I send him out to get groceries does he come back with bags full of chips??

3) Pastries....much like all foods that I find myself in love with, pastries are one that have to go as well. These include and are not limited to all cakes, cookies, donuts, strudels, danish, croissants and cupcakes.  I am positive this list could be forever long, but those are the main ones.  The beautiful thing about these items is that I don't find myself drawn to them that often, but now that I've put them on the no eat list of course I'll want them all the time... That's sort of how life goes right?!?!

4) Corn.... Which on one hand seems ridiculous since it's a 'vegetable' but essentially it's not and it offers really no health benefits so let's stop! This one is a little hard, and putting it on this list will be my biggest struggle, it's a staple vegetable that we eat at supper most nights, so finding a replacement that is a quick and easy will be my new challenge..... and what will I put in my shepherd's pie???

5) Coffee....sigh... I waffle with this one, because it's definitely less toxic for me than the pop is, but it isn't really healthy and I'd like to decrease my intake.  Thankfully, I'm not a three cup a day coffee drinker, and I have gone weeks without it and not really noticed.  It's also pretty lucky that there are no convenient Tim Horton's on my way to work, so going through the drive thru in the morning isn't an option either.

Do you practice Lent? What are you giving up? Have you ever given up foods before? What was easy? What was hard?


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