My family at supper

So this is an every day occurrence in most family homes, somedays it's a little more frantic than others, but it is a common denominator for families.  I think supper is the one meal that most families have in which they do together and one night while I was glancing at the boys sitting at my table, I wondered if what a normal supper for me is what is normal for everyone else.

Most nights we have a buffet style supper, there just is not enough room on the table to have four plates, four glasses, and at least three serving dishes.  We eat at a small round table and for some reason when I picked out dishes I wanted I picked out the biggest set of dishes I could find. I loved them at the time but I am kind of over them now, they are just so big and bulky, but I digress.  So after my hubby or I get Lil Man his plate we get our own plate and sit down at the table.  While eating during the week the television is on, it's either on a sitcom we all enjoy or Disney Junior so Lil Man doesn't whine and cry at the table.  It's really a barometer reading on how he is doing as to whether or not we watch grown up television or toddler TV.  After Lil Man has picked at his plate or been told no, he begins to cry and then begs with crocodile tears in his eyes to be picked up so he can sit on my lap.  After I have repeatedly told him no, pushed him down from climbing on me, he will go to dad and pull the same routine.  (I think we may have let him out of his highchair too soon as this is the norm, not an anomaly).  Chandler tends to finish first, he is a teenager and is known to inhale his food, return to the kitchen and begin thinking about what he would like for a snack.  He gets this from his uncle!  Hubby will finish last and I am somewhere in the middle, depending on how needy the toddler has been.

This supper routine has changed from what supper used to look like when it was just Chandler and I and even when hubby first moved in with us, we were television watchers on the couch as we ate supper, the only time we didn't eat in front of the television was when we had company over.  Since Lil Man has come into the world we have family meals.

I am still not really happy with our family meals, I would prefer them to be at the table with no television, but I guess we are slowly progressing that way, I just have to insist on it more.  I also like for everyone to sit at the table until we are all finished before anyone is excused, ( a huge surprise to Chan as this was never the case for the first 11 years of his life)

What do your family suppers look like?  Are you a sit down together or eat on the run?  Do you take the time to have the family meal or does everyone just eat when they can?  I am curious to know!!


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