A Movie I recently Watched

So the most recent movie that I went to the theatre to see was Breaking Dawn part 2.  It was GREAT!!!  I know some of you out there are thinking what is wrong with her, the Twilight series, some of you are reading this and saying she better not give anything away I haven't seen it yet. Well, I will say this, it was a great movie and I will not post any spoilers here.  I will make allusions to things that occurred in the movie but I won't write specifics.  If that is too much for you then I suggest you skip this blog and read my next blog as it comes out.

Breaking Dawn was the first book in the four book twilight series the I actually enjoyed and couldn't put down.  All the books were easy reads, but I really got into the characters in Breaking Dawn, there were finally some redeeming qualities Bella embraced in the fourth book, prior Bella was a bit of a wet blanket, and Kristen Stewart actually did carry that off quite well.  So I was very excited for the last two twilight movies, I wanted to see if the Powers that Be in Hollywood would stay true to the story or if they would Hollywoodize it.

I think they stayed pretty close to the book.  I was happy with the way it turned out. The twist threw me for a loop, I sat in my seat watching the twist play out, wringing my hands and holding my breathe because I couldn't believe the deviation that the movie had gone, but then the explanation came and I was able to buy into the twist, it made sense and it helped explained things, and it would have given an even greater understanding to those who are only viewers of the movies and not readers of the books.

I had concerns with J Jinks in the movie, he did not look like what I pictured.  He was much too wholesome, and in my head when I read the books he was a bit of a weaselly character.  You know the  bad guy in the Chipmunk movies, that's what I had pictured.

Overall though I was happy and I would go see it again.  I will probably buy the damn movie because I did enjoy it, really and truly.
Happy viewing!!!


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