Dear Children

Education is a gift, but not one that is given freely.  Your parents and neighbours and mailman help pay for your education.  They are contributing tax dollars towards the education system in hopes that you will come out with an education that will help you develop the next big thing, the next thing that so changes our world that everyone wants it, making your life that much easier. 

Adults provide the tax dollars so your teachers can be in a classroom, offering you insight into the curriculum that is supposed to help you on your education journey, but you have to want to learn.  So if you want to learn, you have to tell people what you are interested in.  So many studetns are so focused on their grades, their percent that is a number given based on what?  How well you know something?  Either you know it, you sort of know it, or you don't, so then shouldn't you be given a 0 or a 1 or a 2.  Does it really matter that % mark that you are given?

I understand that sometimes it is hard to feel passionate about a subject because previous teachers have made you feel stupid or inadequate, or maybe you just don't see why something is relevant to you.   So then you have to ask yourself what do you want out of your education?  What is important for you what you want to do in the future?  Maybe by letting your teachers know that they can explain what certain skills are being taught, maybe they can adjust their teaching to help you realize the value in a class that you see no value.  But sometimes you have to speak up, sometimes you have to grab the reins and lead the teachers where you feel you need to go.

As a teacher we are constrained to some beaurocratic guidelines, but as your teacher, or parent, we want to help you reach your goals, whether that is academically or vocationally.  Your desires are your own and there is no shame in wanting to be a mechanic or a plumber, they are needed professions and they make a decent amount of money.  Plus if that is where your passion lies, then it's a rewarding way to spend the greater part of your adult life.

Life is often, or can often be wasted doing something we don't enjoy because it "pays the bills".  Life shouldn't be wasted on just doing something to get by, life should be spent bringing joy to yourself and the people around you every single day. So go forth and find out what it is you are passionate about, whether its in the serving industry, the engineering industry, health care, or on wall what you love so you love what you do!!!  Do something you can be proud of doing!!!


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