Remembering my "Last Friday Night"

Katy Perry's Last Friday Night was very popular the year I got married, so when my girls and I went out that song kept playing out in my mind.

So my girlfriend Rolandia organized my bachelorette party, compete with Limo, boat cruize and drinking at the bar.  We started in Sylvan Lake and finished in Red Deer. It was  a great night spent with great friends and I wouldn't have done it any differently.

The boat cruise was so much fun, we went all over Sylvan Lake and we played drinking games as the sun began it's slow decent into the West.  Another group on the boat played socialables with us, truthfully, they included us into their game but we played with the best of them.  After the boat cruise, Rolandia had arranged for a limo to pick us up, when it arrived we headed back to Red Deer to cruise around as we enjoyed many beverages, songs and company in the back of the limo.

 I had a Princess Glass to enjoy all my beverages in for the night as we all know that I am a Princess!! And this has continued on into my marriage, my husband is very understanding of the Princess he married!!

my sister, my maid of honor
My girlfriend Laleh from Vancouver

Mona, Courtney, Alex and I, Alex was another bridesmaid

The end of the night was spent at the bar. I may have danced on the speakers, which let's be honest is quite customary, I am sure more people are not surprised then are surprised.

I had girlfriends from three provinces and from California who came out to celebrate my bachelorette party!! I am so grateful for my friends they made my night and they make my life so enjoyable!!


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