Lil Man plays soccer

So Lil Man has been watching his brother play soccer his whole life and has been dying to get down on the pitch to play as well.  It's been painful taking Lil Man to his brothers games sometimes because he just wants to play so much and Lil man is so much more active than his brother was at that age so he was always on the go.

This year we have been able to let Lil Man have his greatest wish and it has furthered my Soccer Mom status.  Lil Man is playing timbits soccer and he really enjoys it, when he's had a nap! When he doesn't nap in the day, which is not something we really let him do, he's a bit cranky by 5 pm and doesn't really want to listen.  On top of my being Lil Man's soccer mom and biggest cheerleader I am his coach this year.  I am certified U4-U6 Coach.

Most of the kids have no idea what soccer is, they either just want to play tag, catch the coach or they pick up the ball and run with it.  It's quite funny and normal really but I am having a lot of fun and it's gotten the whole family involved.  Hubby helps me coach and Chandler is helping us as well.

So not only am I Soccer Mom and Coach, I am part of a soccer family and I am sure in time we will experience the competitive side of soccer.  Not sure if I am looking forward to it or if it's something I might lean on the side of avoiding for as long as I can....  We will see...

I have no pictures as I am always coaching and there are 10 other 3 year olds on his team..... we are busy, busy little bees!!!


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