New Thirty Day Blog Challenge

I love a good challenge!!! And a challenge that encourages me to be the best or most honest at things is one I like most!!!  I have thought many times of doing a photo challenge, I have pinned many photo challenges onto my Pinterest boards but I have yet to do one, so I think I will start soon, the blogs won't come out until after I have completed the challenge or have begun it and I am into it for a least a week or more so that I can manage my time more effectively.  Now to choose and pick the topics I want to include in this challenge................

1. My Family in the morning
2. Remembering my "Last Friday Night"
3. Thanksgiving, what I am thankful for
4. New Recipe I am perfecting
5. Jewelry, Jewelry, jewelry
6. My family at supper
7. Lil Man's Soccer
8. Chandler's Man's Soccer
9. Swimming Lessons
10. Memory Tree
11. Edmonton Bed and Breakfast "Haunted or not"
12. Where I live
13. A Day in my life
14. Movie I recently saw
15. Christmas Shopping
16. Decorating the Tree
17. Our Puppies
18. Purging and cleaning out excess 
19. Christmas baking
20. crocheting
21. knitting
22. scrapbooking
23. Dinner Party
24. sewing projects
25. a walk through the town
26. a play date with friends
27. one thing new, never done before
28. Creative Writing
29. Secrets to my beauty regime hahaha
30. Play Play Play

Ok so this is the draft of the thirty topics that will be covered over the next thirty days, they may change as I go through this but this is the basis for where I will begin.  It won't necessarily be in this order but I will get through them!!!  plus I will do a corresponding thirty day photo challenge that I will blog about after I just need to pick one out!!!


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