My Family in the Morning

The alarm clock sounds and all I hear is a groan.  I squeeze my eyes shut, hoping against all that is holy, that today he will just get up and quietly get ready for the day and allow me to sleep for that extra hour.  Grunts and groans sound from the other side of the bed and I am sure some expletive words are being muttered under his breath.  Quietly, monitoring my breath in and my breath out trying to mimicking sleeping, relaxing as he crawls out of bed and heads into the hallway.  

I know that I have at least 15 minutes to cat nap while he completes his morning routine in the bathroom. 

Ouph, oh wait I have to reposition the littlest bed hog on the face of the planet.  With a king size bed that you could essentially have three grown people sleeping in, I am almost falling off the edge of the bed because the toddler has crawled into bed with me and his father.  After a second kick in the ribs and a whap of hands into my ear, I shove the bed terrorist over and place a pillow in between us, that should hold up for a quick ten minute cat nap. Snuggling back into bed I attempt to get those last few minutes at a restful place.

I must fall asleep because the next thing I know the back door is closing and aside from dog nails clicking on the laminate flooring the house is quiet.  

This is a good morning, bad mornings mean I don't get back to sleep, my husband asks many questions or storms around the house like an elephant.  I am sure I do the same thing, or I would if I had to get up so early but I don't and I really like to sleep in when I can so when I can't I get grumpy.

The bed terrorist is still sleeping, softly snoring as my alarm goes off on my phone, grumbling I hit snooze I need ten more minutes of quiet.  Not sleep now, just quiet.  It is in these quiet moments that I hear the downstairs shower come on, so the teenager, is awake and moving.  He is a morning person, he takes after me, he is much more pleasant in the morning and tends to have grumpy spells in the evening when he is tired.  The alarm goes off again and so I crawl out of bed, tucking the blankets around the little bed terrorist toddler and begin my morning routine.  

I have learned in the past two years with my little toddler, that he is NOT a morning person.  He cries, and grumps and carries on in the morning until he decides he is ready to get up.  How did I ever get a night owl for a child??  I am not a night owl, I am much more one of the morning birds, ten o'clock I turn into a pumpkin.  So ten minutes before we are loading up the car to head to daycare, school and work I then, and only then, poke the toddler awake.  Sometimes we get dressed at home, but more often then not I am taking a bag with clothes to daycare so he can get dressed there. I am not up for a wrestling match in the morning.  

What are your mornings like?  Do you have more early birds or night owls in your family?

It's 9:10 pm as I type this, my toddler, who will come and terrorize my bed tonight at around 3 am is still up, but my 14 year old is nestled in his bed and almost asleep I am quite positive.  I am in bed and watching television, my husband is snoring on the couch, but the toddler, he is still on the go, ready to party.  I dread when he becomes a teenager yikes!!!!


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