Edmonton Bed and Breakfast, Haunted or Not??


In November a couple girls and I had to go up to Edmonton for training, our office administrative assistant booked our hotel room and chose the Glenora Bed and Breakfast.  I had never stayed in a Bed and Breakfast but I was willing to give anything a try at least once.  One girl who came was convinced the place was haunted but we could find no records of haunting activity being reported on the internet.  So with hesitation we went forth to Edmonton without canceling our reservations and we were going to give this place a try.

The Bed and Breakfast is a historical site in Edmonton, it used to be old Buena Vista Apartments that have been changed into rooms for rent.  The place was built in the early 1900s or even late 1890s.  The place was old, and the decor was very much reminiscent of days gone by, like way gone.  I would say 1920 was the last time the decor of the Bed and Breakfast had been updated.  I would almost bet that the bed in my room was from then too, but I have no proof.

I was immediately reminded of a horror movie, I think the Shining is the movie that came to mind when I initially walked in.  It was not the best first impression, truly I was laughing because I knew the one girl was going to be freaked out and because truthfully I was a little worried her fears of hauntings and ghosts would prove to be true but strange knockings and pillow floating above me in the middle of the night.

My room was actually fairly modern, if you don't count the VCR/ TV combo, and if you discount the bathroom, which I am sure only elves could use to bath in the bathtub.  I considered the bathtub to only be appropriate for foot baths because if I filled the tub as far as it could go only my ankles would be covered.

I kept this door close, closets with pull cord lights creep me out!!
We made it through the first night, barely. I think the ghosts took offense to our comments about the B&B because it was so hot in my room, stifling hot.  Here is some background for you, I enjoy being warm, even in the summer I insist that my husband close the windows before we go to sleep because I can't sleep with the window open.  I usually sleep with a sheet, a comforter, an afghan and another blanket plus warm fleece pjs.  Now what does this information have to do with the ghosts and the heat, well let me tell you. I woke up at 3:30 in the morning barely able to breathe because it was stifling hot in my room, I thought I was in an oven, I had to OPEN my window in my room so it would cool off, it was ridiculously hot, had my husband been there he would have slept out in the car I am sure.  I had no blankets on, I had the fan on and I considered pulling the air conditioning unit out and plugging it in because it was really that hot.  The weather outside was below zero, it was not warm.

The heat the next night was better and I really did not experience any other haunting activities, but I did have incredibly weird dreams.  So I don't know if it was haunted, the decor was definitely dated, but I did not experience any haunting, my friends may not claim the same though.

I do recommend the Glenora Cafe, it serves a great breakfast.  I LOVED the omelette and ordered it both mornings!! Seriously, it was heaven in my mouth!!

 The Bed and Breakfast was not my thing, I like pools and spas to be attached to the hotels I am staying in, but it was a unique experience and I am glad I got to stay there.  If you like that type of history you will enjoy the Glenora Bed and Breakfast!!  Try it out, if you experience any ghosts or hauntings let me know I think it's neat!!!


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