Happy Birthday ChandlerMan

It was a cold October night, the thirty first actually, and I was experiencing some cramping pains, and as my due date was November first I was positive it was the bundle of joy I had been carrying for nine months ready to make his entrance into the world.  We made it through the night and the cramping stopped, so I got up and ready for work, because it was not like I was going to just sit at home.  Then the cramping started again and it got worse as I was moving around, so in my fashionable maternity pants and Buns Master Bakery shirt I headed to the hospital with the father.  After an hour it was determined by my doctor that I was to be off work and stay close to the hospital, the doctor believed he would see me later that day at the hospital.  I called work and told them I was starting maternity leave, and I headed home.

I suppose not having my water break all over a bakery floor was a good call, but I still didn't want to be sitting at home doing nothing.  So I walked and I paced, I did some jumping jacks, I had the father take us out on back roads to hopefully jar the labour into progressing.  An hour turned into an afternoon, into a night into two more days and I was in for my prenatal appointment.  I was dilating 1 cm, woohoo :P, but the doctor sent me home with an induction date for November 9th.

Castor Oil, jumping and even sex did not induce labour, not even a twinge.  I was about to give up but I knew that the 9th would bring this 41 week pregnancy to an end, at 42 weeks.  I baked a lot that week, sugar cookies and my bathroom sparkled, I guess I did get that nesting feeling, but nothing sped up the process.

After supper on Sunday, the night before the 9th, I sat down to watch some television programs.  My roommate came upstairs before she headed out for her birthday party, which I was not going to be able to attend, wishing her a happy birthday I promised Angi that her birthday present would be here by the next day, but she would have to wait.  It was during an episode of the Simpsons, that I got the first sharp pain.  I was so over the braxton hicks contractions, and this felt a bit different that at first I thought it was my supper that was not agreeing with me.  Then the pain reoccurred 15 minutes later, and then every 12 minutes. It was not fun, but I decided to tell the father that it was time to go back to the hospital.

After the assessment, the hospital team decided that they would admit me because I was scheduled to be induced the next day, I was 2 centimeters dilated and having regular contractions.  The doctor was very kind and gave me a shot of Demerol so I could sleep.  Putting me in a large corner room with jacuzzi tub I went to sleep.  I was awoken by some sharp pains at 6:30 am, the demerol had worn off.  A nurse came in to assess me and then they took me to the labour and delivery room.

As we walked down the halls I heard screaming and crying coming from another room.  My eyes must have become saucers because the nurse looked at me shook her head and said, "it's ok it won't be that bad, she came in like that and wasn't even as far along as your are."  I was certainly glad she had confidence but the screeching from the next room was very grating and a bit terrifying.  Then began the day that led to the meeting of Chandlerman.

Another shot of demerol and three fentinol (I can't spell it) and the doctor breaking my water, my labour was underway.  I don't remember much that day, the narcotics were very helpful, I do remember having visitors come in and visit with me.  I think all or most of all my friends came in.  The most memorable friend moment of that day was when my friend Mike R came to visit at the end of the day.  Mike and I went to high school together and we had been working together for the last year, we had a lot of fun hanging out, but I think Mike got more than he bargained for when came to visit that day.  My mom was in the room helping me with coaching, the father had just left to go get something to eat and Mike had just sat down in the rocking chair.  I said hi to Mike then looked at my mom and said, "I need to push now." Mike looked like he was just caught by the police with a trunkful of cocaine and he was looking at the second story window, I am sure wondering if he would survive the jump.  My mom turned to him said that if he wanted to wait outside we would let him know when the baby was born, Mike looking very grateful got up and exited the room.

I began pushing right after that and at 6:58 pm the most beautiful baby was cleaned up and put into my arms 10 minutes later.  He was adorable, my arms ached, not just from my desire to hold him, but because I had exerted those muscles in the birthing.

Now 14 years later I have the most wonderful son I could ask for.  He is helpful, kind, compassionate, and quite smart.  I have loved him since I have known him and will continue to love him for all the days of my life!!!  Happy birthday Mr Chanman!!!


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