Soccer Star Chandler

Chandler has been playing soccer for four years now.  He has come along way in his skills and abilities.  From a timid soccer player in grade five to the defensive star that he is today it's been a great pleasure to see him develop pride in a sport to the point that he really enjoys and is looking at other options for him to further his understanding of the sport.

He had one year in the middle of his four years where he did not play soccer.  He had broken his arm in the final game of his season in grade six and then did not want to play again.  His team was not the most skilled and the coaches, parents who volunteered were not skilled as coaches and he became frustrated because he was had a great coach the first year he played.  His team still ended up coming together in the end and he has been on the gold or silver team every year he has played.  He is a bit competitive.

So I am happy to spend my weekends taking him to soccer and watching Chandler as he does something he enjoys and seems to have some skills at.  He may not be the next David Beckham, but with some encouragement I am sure he could go into coaching his brother or being a referee.


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