Happy Birthday Lil Man

Lil man turned three in October, the years are flying by!!

The top ten need to knows about Lil Man this year:

10: Lil Man is very smart, he knows his colours, he can count to ten, he recognizes a few sight words and he had learned how to manipulate the people who love him to do things he wants them to do.

9: Lil Man is very stubborn, he knows what he wants and becomes very determined to get what he wants, he will bribe, beg and bawl in order to break any adults resolve so that his desires are met.

8: Lil Man has an impressive imagination, he will pretend any number of things and his imagination is limitless.  He plays with imaginary puppies and geckos, he can be a knight fighting dragons, or a race car driver.  He will rescue princesses and sometimes he may even play the role of the princesses.  He is able to create whole worlds and invites any adult into his world to play and have fun.

7: Lil Man is a finicky eater.  He wants to eat when he wants but he only wants to eat what he wants.  He prefers vegetables and fruits to any other food group.  He loves Lucky Charms cereal and apples, he doesn't like cake and is not a fan of chocolate.

6: Lil Man enjoys reading his books and having his books read to him.  He is a fan of all books but has recently begun pretending to read chapter books and pretending to take them to school.

5: Lil Man is anxious to go to school.  In the morning he is always gathering up his backpack to take to "school" with him.  He wants to ride the bus to school just like his brother used to do.

4: Lil Man is very active, he loves sports or anything that has him on the go.  If nothing else I have learned that Lil Man is much easier to deal with when he is able to participate in some type of physical activity in the day that has him moving for at least 40 minutes straight.  He is going to be a very sporty child.

3: Lil Man has a strong sense of his social circle, he knows who his friends are and he loves to hang out with them.  He does have favourites but he's not discerning if it means he gets to play with a peer.

2: Lil Man is a night Owl, not much of an early riser. He likes to sleep in and could outlast me in staying up late some nights.  He has recently started complaining in the morning that he is "still sleeping" or that he "just wants to sleep some more" when we have to get him up to leave for work and school.  He will cry that he is not tired when it is clearly bedtime and if given the opportunity would stay up late watching his Ipod or reading his books.

1: Lil Man is a very loving and very loved little boy.  He cares about people and does not want to see others upset, he will offer hugs and pats on the back to those on his soccer team who get upset.  He loves snuggles and cuddles and will often use those requests to stay up later getting some much needed one on one time with the parent of his choosing.

Happy Birthday Lil Man, we love you and hope that all your dreams come true and that you are able to build yourself the life you desire!!!


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