What's for supper??

Adrian called me tonight saying he was going out to do some work with Danny, which told me he would be out late and I would be making supper. Since I have started my six week challenge again I knew I would have to cook something for supper and it couldn't just be processed food that would be no good.  So I came home and tried to figure out what to make.

There wasn't a whole lot around, I decided I wanted some rice so that took care of the side dish of my meal, but what to serve with it.  We hadn't done a big shopping trip so the fridge was a little bare on veggies, so I couldn't do up a stir fry and I didn't even have any stir fry meat.  I had a steak (a single steak), pork ribs, pork chops, hamburger and ground turkey in the freezer.  I was feeling hungry so the ribs were out.  I like to slow roast my ribs so the meat just falls off the bone.  So that left me few options. I wasn't feeling hamburger or pork, which essentially left me with a steak and ground turkey. I opted for the ground turkey.

I decided to make turkey meatballs, which is super easy
       1 pkg ground turkey
        2 eggs
       1/2-3/4 cup bread crumbs
       onions to flavour
       seasonings to flavour ( I used garlic and poultry seasoning)
I fried up the turkey meatballs so that they were crisp on all sides the I decided to bake them in a salsa inspired sauce. 

I took some ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, vinegar, water, garlic powder, corn syrup and salsa mixed that all together and poured it over the meat balls.

I then threw the dish in the oven for 25 minutes. 

As another side dish to go with the meatballs, I made some guacamole.  I love guacamole and my bestest friend Alex gave me a great recipe although I don't know that I follow it very well.  Anyways here's how I made my guacamole.
I took two avocados (no one else in my house eats guacamole so if you use this judge by who all will eat it)
I took two tomatoes
I took 1/4 onion
and I mixed these three ingredients together.
I then added in salt and lemon juice.  Salt to taste and Lemon juice to help prevent it from turning brown. It was some tasty dish!!!
I keep the pits in as well as it helps keep it from browning as well I think. 
It was a great meal for not having any clue what to do.  But I really love doing that, making new meals that are tasty and healthy for you!!!  If anyone else wants to try this, I hope you do, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did!!!


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