Falling asleep at the...keyboard

I have sat down so many times over the past few weeks, logged into Blogger and looked at my dashboard, I've looked to blogs and was trying to think of something to write about.  After much deliberation I turned off my computer and I walked away.  I just don't have a whole lot to say.  It may have to do with some conversations I have had as of late and some of my own reflection that I have been doing. 

I started this blog with a purpose but it hasn't always panned out the way I wanted it to.  I initially had a plan to keep this blog focused on one type of blogging but it soon ventured off into some many different areas that it more closely resembles a journal then a purposeful blog. 

It was also brought to my attention that maybe I don't talk about "deep stuff" very often, to which I know there is some truth in that statement, but I don't really feel like putting all that out there into the world wide web. So how do you find that happy medium?  I have a plethora of interests but they are very different from one another, so then do I start up multiple blogs for each topic.  I did start up a secondary blog that is focused on fitness and nutrition, but I can't start up a blog for everything, I would never leave the computer. 

I will post again soon with an update on job searches, resume writing, and the family.


  1. your blog can be about anything. it doesn't have to be about one specific topic. i blog about whatever i feel like - cooking, kids, food, recipes, vacations, wishes whatever comes to mind. do what you are happy with - who cares what anybody else thinks.


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