Gardening season again

Last year I planted my first garden all by myself, and it was a pretty successful garden.  The only thing that did not turn out or produce anything were the cucumbers.  I also found the tomatoes took forever to ripen, I had to pick them and store them in my basement before they even began to turn red. 
Now the gardening season is upon us again.  I was late in the game last year for planting so we had a late harvest season.  It turned out alright, but I want to be on the ball this season.  I am doing some research and asking some well informed ladies about gardening (mom and Grandma) in hopes to have another successful season.  I am also hoping to do some flower beds and some planters this year as well.  It seems like a brave undertaking for this plant killer, but I am determined to learn how to live with plants so that I can have plants in my house all year long and fresh veggies into the fall.

We have had to make some modifications to our garden today in preparation for this season. Our wonderful dog, loves to lay in the garden.  I don't get it she's a white dog, you would think she would want to keep her coat clean and just lay on some nice grass or the deck, but no our dog loves to get dirty.  So we needed to fence our garden because though she stays out of if while we are in the yard, when we are not watching closely, or when we are not home she lays in the garden and even DIGS in the garden!!!  So Adrian, my wonderful fiance, found some lattice and painted it and cut it to size and we set it up around the perimeter of the garden. There is one open space right now, but we will be putting a gate in there.  Now the garden has some nice lattice around it for growing sweet peas and peas and I may even try to find some Christmas lights to string around to add some decorations to my backyard.

My garden is divided into three sections and each section is going to house a different arrangement of plants.  In the first section I am going to plant corn, carrots and peas.  In the third section, the higher section, I am going to plant potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and peas again.  I am planting peas along most of the lattice and maybe some sweet pea flowers just for some variety and colour to come through.  In the middle section, which is the smallest section I am going to plant a variety of herbs; dill, parsley, chamomile and tarragon.  Aside from the few sweet peas I may plant, there will be no flowers in my garden this year. 

My next conundrum for gardening this season is finding the right shrub to plant in my backyard.  As my house has a south facing backyard, I am in need of shrub that does well with LOT'S of direct sunlight.  I would prefer a shrub that flowers, but it needs to be fairly low maintenance, only needing a trim once a year and not being too in demand for watering.  I would like it to grow fairly tall, but I don't want the roots to compromise the foundation of the house since I would like to place it by the garden in front of the other basement window.  As I don't know a whole lot about gardening or plants, I am going to have to find something or more likely someone who can help me with this problem.  I was initially thinking raspberry bushes, but I think they are like weeds and spread fairly easily and though Adrian loves raspberries I don't think he would enjoy them tearing up his lawn, especially after all the work he has put into tending it.

I am very excited for the passing of the May long weekend so I can get my hands dirty and start to do some planting!!!!!


  1. we're waiting for the snow to melt in our backyard before we can do any gardening or prep for it. My cats love the flower gardens but for some reason not the vegetable garden. We planted raspberries last year and they have started to spread a bit. If you keep cutting them you can keep under control but it is a lot of work. Strawberries require lots of sunshine and don't spread like raspberries. I wanted them in our backyard but we don't get enough sun. We planted lilac bushes in our front yard last year and they love the sun. they are my favorite. if you go to a real gardening store you can find different breeds of lilacs and they are not too outrageously priced.

    I can't wait to blog about our garden. we were also late last year so hoping for a earlier start this year - mother nature allowing of course


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