Paris or Kim

Apparently, there is new fire being brought to the Hitlon v. Kardashian feud.  It has been said by one Mrs. Hilton that Kim K is a thunder stealer and is simply copying Paris.  Is this true?  And who is the better reality television star? 

I am going to provide my opinion on this matter, but first I want to go through the background of these two girls.  I need to do so for myself because I prefer to have an educated opinion as opposed to an emotional opinion. 

Paris Hilton came onto the scenes of the tabloids for being a party girl in New York, she was young, "pretty" and rich.  I put pretty in quotations because I am not sure I necessarily agree, she may be pretty but I do not think she's beautiful or even someone anyone should strive to look like.  Then Paris began this reality show with Nicole Ritchie, "The Simple Life" and it was some what of a hit.  The only thing I remember from that show is that Paris didn't know what Walmart was which was astounding to say the least.  There was also something to do with some kind of sex tape, big tabloid news, but I never paid much attention.  Then there was a falling out and the tabloids tracked all of the replacements Paris went through to have a new BFF.  Which is where Kim K first came on the scenes.  Paris then began a new reality show something about being her BFF (who would want to, I don't get it?!?!).  She also put out an album and has been arrested and charged with possession numerous times.  But it must be said that she is a reality television star, but is she better than Kim?

Kim was introduced to the public via Paris, because they started hanging out in the clubs together.  Kim placed herself near someone and people took notice.  We then had the scandal of the sex tape.  Now Kim Kardashian and her family are all over E channel with Ryan Seacrest.  Kim is doing reality television with her family, in keeping up with the Kardashian's.  They have opened a chain of retail stores and do small sub series on the opening of these stores, (Khloe and Kourtney take Maimi & Kourtney and Kim take New York).  We have seen Kim with her family and we see her on the fronts of all the tabloids for her sorted romances that always seem destined to fail.  I am not sure if Kim has done a recording contract yet, but I am sure there could be talks of one. 

I am going to be on team Kim for this debate.  I don't know if everyone will agree with me on this but that is my opinion.  I am taking this opinion because I feel that Kim has branded herself better.  If there is a role model I would chose between these two girls (and I don't know that I would chose either) but I would pick Kim.  She has made her millions on her own, through her branding of her family.  She has become someone in the public eye simply because she made connections and capitalized on those connections.  I find that she is a positive role model and I would rather grant the status of better reality television star to a positive role model who has not been arrested for possession then one who, well, has been.  For me Paris, has simply cashed in her family name to try to make a name for herself.  She is not a positive role model, with her partying and drug use and disregard for the law.  She hasn't learned from her mistakes and is constantly bailed out by her family so she never has to own up to her behaviour.  I find it more entertaining to watch Kim and with Paris I just get sickened.

So there you have it! I am team Kim! Keep up the good work.

*disclaimer this is all my opinion, and it is based solely on the facts I know, which are not all of them by any means as this writer does not follow either girl, please don't comment to harshly in regards to all the info I may have missed *


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