Little Man is getting so big

I am constantly amazed at the leaps Little Man is making in his development.  He is becoming more and more of a toddler and less of my little baby. I don't know what is more pressing on my emotions, the sadness of seeing him leave is infancy behind, or the excitement fear of seeing him learns his independence as he explores his surroundings. 

In the past few months Little Man has grown leaps and bounds.  He is fairly small for his age I think, or he is average I guess.  He is right between 12 month and 18 month clothing, 12 month is too small, it shows off his little pot belly, and 18 month is too large, the pants drag on the floor.  In actual fact he has a long torso and short legs so pants have always been large and shirts are often always too small for his age size.  I wish you could mix and match sets of clothes to suit your child.  You know those cute Disney outfits, for me I might need a size 12 pants but 18 month shirt, if I could do that life would be great.

He is also developing and reaching new milestones each day.  A couple of weeks ago he began jumping. He doesn't get very far but he will leave the ground with both feet and land.  He is a bit of a daredevil. 

He is also increasing his vocabulary.  The other night we were counting to 5, I would say 1 and wait and he would attempt to say 1, and then I would say 2 and so on and so forth.  He can't exactly enunciate the words but he is trying to mimic what he hears. 

He has begun to say the word no, for the longest time he would only shake his head and hand, but now he says no.  This is not something I wanted him to learn, but he doesn't use it as often because we often tell him "not for you" or "dangerous" or "don't touch" which was our hope of preventing him from saying no, but apparently children love that word and use it with conviction.

He copies scolding, we will smack our hands and point our finger at him while saying no if he tries to turn off the TV, and he will stop and slap his hand and point his finger at us. It is so friggen cute. It's hard not to bust out laughing when he does it.

He has been saying "gog gog" for a long time which is his word for dog.  He will even say "ank ew" which is his thank you.  He signs please, and for awhile was saying "plu" but now he just signs it, over and over and over again when he wants something.  We have been leading him around asking him what it is he is asking for and when he points it we say the word to him and encourage him to say the word.  It's not always successful, but he will try sometimes.

He still doesn't sleep completely through the night, and when he does I don't because my body is so used to be woken up I wake up and have an irrational need to check on him to ensure he is still breathing.  It's ridiculous, but it is what it is.  He still has his soother at night and at nap times, but I am hoping to rid him of that soon, although I would like to develop the habit of sleeping through the night before we take the soother away.

He is a climber and can climb up on the couch and on chairs.  He will try to climb on tables but not that often.  He climbs the stairs and is trying to walk up and down the stairs now with help.  If there is no one around he still goes down on his hands and knees but if you are around he will take the stairs walking by holding your hand.  He doesn't really use us for anything but it gives him courage.

As I said in a previous post he is potty training, and has urinated and defecated on the potty.  He asks to go and has definitely been showing other milestones in this habit.  He tries to dress himself and undress himself.  He likes to pull up his pants and put on his jackets.  He has been trying to put on his shoes as well. 

He eats on his own and does not take help very willingly. We have conceded that he must just feed himself and let him be.  Not sure if he is always eating enough but he doesn't really complain to eat more. It does become a bit of struggle when he doesn't want to eat his meal because he sees us moving on to a dessert, then he figures he should be eating dessert too.  I am sure this is more a learning thing then a milestone thing though.

Soon my Little Man will be a little man and then I won't have a baby in the house, at least not for awhile.


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