Indulgence Time

I am so looking forward to next Monday.  I know this should be on my Lifestyle Lift blog, but I wanted to write it here.  I have my final weigh in on Monday and then I am going to make Adrian take me out on a date.  I think we will indulge in a nice dessert somewhere so if anyone knows of a great dessert place in Red Deer of a place that serves great dessert let me know I am booking it in and my Chandler is going to do some babysitting for me.  I can hardly wait!!! 

I am also thinking of doing a little extra indulging this weekend after I finish my Honey Do List.  This list includes mailing out invites (sorry i know i know they are late), completing Fifth Avenue Collection invites for the parties in Saskatchewan (SK friends watch your mailbox for a lovely invite from me), completing my lesson plans for Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week, and booking two more parties for March 11-13 weekend for Fifth Avenue Shows at my place.  It's going to keep me busy but if i actually get down to it i can complete it by Saturday afternoon or early evening (depending on the Basketball tourny this weekend).  After this list is completed, and I will blog updates as I complete them, and I will include some more pictures too, I am going to indulge in another addiction of mine and play Sims 3, maybe on both my computer and the X-box.  I am just dying to have a good game where I am not interrupted by a crying or whining child. 

On Sunday I am going to indulge in some family time too.  I think some library time and a morning in the pool is what we need.  It will be great to indulge in a little bit of family activity where we can all relax and enjoy ourselves without worry about what needs to be done around the house for chores.

So now we are starting the weekend of indulgence which will end on Monday with a fantastic dessert!!!


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