Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Teaching Religion

I grew up attending religion classes for my entire education career until Grade 11 when I went to a Public High School, so religion class is not a new concept for me.  Teaching it and not being a compliant participant is new.  It's not the first time I have taught a religion class, but it's the first time I find myself struggling with parts of it.

Part of the struggle is the my relationship with the students.  I was about to say the students but that is not a fair assessment.  I am finding it difficult to engage some of the male students and part of the reason is I don't have as strong a relationship with them as I need.  There is not a lot of respect going back and forth so that is definitely something I have to work on.  But I am lost as to how to do that, any suggestions??

I think one of the reasons I really struggle with religion class is because I don't always feel my own views jive with a Catholic Schools teachings.  One thing about me is that I refuse to lie when it comes to my faith, and so I can't stand up in front of a class of students and lie to them if I don't agree with something that is propagated by the Catholic teaching. For example, I do not believe that homosexuals are the work of the devil,  I believe that God created everyone and that he made everyone different so as to teach tolerance in a world that loves sameness. I should say I believe in the Catholic church, I believe that the fundamental teachings of Jesus that created the church are honest and good, I just think that man has once again perverted these teachings to reflect a status quo that never existed. 

Maybe I am too educated to be a religion teacher, maybe I am not educated enough in Catholic teachings, but I am a religion teacher for the Grade 9s at my school so I have to find some way to make my view of what I am and what I want to become the same thing.  There are definitely ways I can improve and as I have typed this blog some ideas have floated into my head, now it's just about taking those ideas and changing them into lesson plans for the students.  But I would appreciate any help or guidance from other Grade 9 religion teachers out there.  If you know any could you please have them contact me at  Thanks everyone!!  Also if you are someone who regularly reads my blog and you have suggestions leave a message or email me I gladly take any suggestions.

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