Terrible Deeds Schenecker Case

I have not kept up on the news lately because so often the news is horribly depressing.  Most news that is reported is about the horrible things that we humans do to one another for not other reason then hatred or intolerance.  Some of the worst things I ever encounter are crimes against children and youth, especially those crimes committed on them by their own parents.

I just read an article in People on the Schenecker case in Florida where a mother murdered her two teens.  I am just sickened by the fact that this still happens, and I am not naive I understand that something terrible must have happened for this mother to have done this, but she has no remorse for what she has done.  She has obviously had a complete break with her reality and now she is non apologetic for shooting her two children. 

How can people do this?  I cannot understand this, but something must have happened to make this woman snap, but it does not excuse her actions.  And now their father must live with the fact that his wife, possibly the love of his life, killed the two stars in his life.  Could you get over this?  I would want revenge, I would be devastated and would definitely plot revenge if someone hurt my children. 

I send my prayers and thoughts out to the Schenecker family and I hope they can find peace and justice in a chaotic situation.


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