Whoops, didn't get everything done but....

So I had great intentions, and as they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions but I did finish some of my Honey Do list, just not all of it.  I was able to complete my invitations for my Fifth Avenue Collection shows in Saskatchewan.  I just have to send them to Costco then I can get to a mailbox and mail them all off (wedding and show invites (I know I know)).

But I had a great morning and afternoon.  My basketball game ended much like I expected, not what I had hoped for but what I had expected. We lost but the boys had fun and I was able to buy them all a treat after the game with the tournament dollars the tournament gave us.  Then Chandler and I drove through the blizzard and went to Canadian Tire.  There I purchased two Airsoft pistols and some bbs. I also purchased myself a scale to weigh out my portions of food so I can really commit to this diet.  At 2 my brother and his fiance came over and we visited with them.  They also brought over  a game for us to play.  It was called the Settlers of Cataan (sp?).  It was  a lot of fun, I did not win but I had a great time playing it. 

Now, instead of completing my honey do list I am going to go out to play games with Pam and Chad. It's going to be a great evening, it just means that I will be extra busy tomorrow finishing my Honey Do list.

Have a great night everyone!!!


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