Twitter Update

So after some consideration I signed up for a Twitter account, if you want you can follow me at Jewelryjenn79 if you have a twitter account.  It's an interesting expeinece and I am trying to use it for my professional life, but it is a lot of fun to use it for personal stuff as well.  I am trying to keep my personal and professional life separate, but sometimes that's more difficult than not.  I still may sign up for another Twitter account, once I get this one under control because it's hard to figure out all the new jargon and stuff.

I am seriously confused, when it comes to some abreviations on Twitter.  So I am compiling a document of how I learned how to navigate Twitter which I will share on here. 

First in order to tag someone in a post you add an @ sign in front of their name.  Much like tagging someone in a Facebook status.  You can also add in a # in front of a word (or group of words with no spaces) to create something that links you to others doing the same activity.  Like if you are watching television you could say "just sitting at home #watchingtelevision.  That way anyone else watching Television could see your tweets. 

Some abreviations I have not figured out are RT.  I think it means to Retweet, but that's just a guess.  It's hard to make really educated guesses with this since you can't read everything in context.  I wasn't sure what it meant when you would see a speech bubble at the bottom of a tweet, but I think it's to show you replied to someone. 

I am not sure if this is possible, I would think it would be, but I haven't figured out how it works yet, but it would be nice to see other people's replies to tweets to which I have replied.  If someone knows if this is possible please fill me in.  

So far my venturing into the land of Twitter has been semi enjoyable.  I have enjoyed the tweets from others, and finding other people interested in the same things I am, so onward and upward into the learning curve, but I definitely see great potential for my professional life using these tools. I also see great potential for my students to be using these tools.


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