Fifth Avenue Collection

I am starting up my home based business again.  I have decided it is the most convenient way for me to make some extra money considering my family and goals that I have in life.  It could be just as easy for me to go out and get another job waitressing on the weekends, but that would take me out of the house and I would spend less time with my family, which for me is not an option.  So now I am spending time every day to do something for my business. 

I started two weeks ago, and it was a slow start, I began carrying my Cash and Carry bag, which is a bag with the Fifth Avenue Collection logo on it and little windows to display some pieces of jewellery.  I then set up three shows this weekend to sell some of the jewellery I had in inventory.  None of the days were stellar days that changed my thinking immensely but I did make almost $200 in profit so that's not too bad.  And I got to do it while being at home with my family and I could have done school work if I had any to do. 

Next step to book some more shows and to get more word of mouth out to potential customers.  So I ask you, my lovely readers, if you know any one or you yourself, would like to see the jewelry line let me know I would be more than glad to share this product with you.  Any referrals that work into shows or sales will result in a gift certificate for you for your own pieces of jewellery.

Happy days to all, and enjoy your Valentine's Day  tomorrow.  I hope it is full of love!!!


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