Viva....Thunder from Down Under

My sister really wanted to go to Thunder from Down Under so on Wednesday night we planned to go there, but for the day on Wednesday we went shopping and exploring the strip again.

Wednesday we caught the bus to the indoor outlet mall. I am glad we went here second because it would have been too windy outside to enjoy the outdoor mall that we had gone to on Monday.  This mall was ok, it wasn't anything super spectacular, but I was able to find some amazing deals on clothes and hats for the family.  This outlet mall was south of our hotel, passed the famous Las Vegas sign.  So we got ourselves a day bus pass again and took the bus to the mall.  Because we had the bus passes we felt it would be best to take the bus up the strip and to give our legs a bit of a break.

So after our afternoon siesta ( I know we loved our afternoon naps, and some may judge but it enabled us to have energy to go go go) Courtney and I boarded the bus once again and headed to the North end of the strip to walk our way south.  (We did not go to the Stratosphere, but next time I will go there).  We got off the bus at the Fashion Mall and decided to go and peruse that mall.  It was amazing.  Like everything else in Vegas the front facade was very deceptive to the actual size of the building.  I couldn't believe how huge it was.  There is a Lulu Lemon Store there, but it's just a regular store not an outlet store.
Courtney and I then headed south by foot to look at Mirage, and Caesar's Palace.  We took some pictures at Mirage and by the Pirate Ships at Treasure Island.  We then went into the Forum shops to see what that place was about.  And that place is about money, serious money.  I totally felt out of my element.  I swear we were all walking around and our incomes were flashing over our heads, letting everyone know who belonged and who was being a poser.  But it was so nice in there, next time I go to Vegas I may look around a bit more.  Courtney and I stopped for a bite to eat in Caesar's, we just ate in the food court, it was good food. 

We took in the Bellagio show again, I really enjoyed it, but I definitely didn't enjoy it like I did the first time.  This time I was busy filming it so it took away from the experience.  It was a different one from the one my sister filmed.  After touring through the Bellagio to see their Christmas set up again so I could get pictures we caught the bus back to the Hotel to prepare for Thunder from Down Under.

Thunder from Down Under is a Male dance show.  All the men are from Australia and they all look great.  I couldn't help but think that if these guys were single they must sleep around a lot.  Or they were gay.  And if they were in a heterosexual relationship, the female must be very understanding.  I kept thinking they were good looking and stuff, but imagine how many people have touched these guys and these guys let them every night and sometimes twice a night.  With that said though I did enjoy the experience, they interacted with the crowd and the music was catchy.  There were ladies there of all ages and it was a good night.  My sister bought drinks that night and we drank more than we had drank the entire time we had been there in total.  Although she kept losing the drinks on the floor (jello shooters with lids) whenever the guys came to the table.  We even met a couple of girls there too.  They were nice and it was fun.  There were lot's of girls from Canada there and one of the girls won a free photo with the guys!

Afterwards we went back to the hotel room to go to bed.  It was well past my bedtime and Thursday was going to be a busy day again.


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