Viva....Our last day :(

So our last day in Vegas had finally arrived.  Knowing we wouldn't be able to have our lovely Siesta's Courtney and I slept in again.  We packed up our suitcases and checked out of the hotel. We left our bags with the hotel while we went exploring for the morning.

I had enough credits on my MGM card from gambling that I was able to get Courtney and I a free breakfast from Starbucks.   Yup it definitely pays to get the players cards while you are in Vegas at the Casino's because they are always giving out some kind of comps.

After our breakfast Courtney and I headed to the Grand Canyon souvenir shop to get some souvenirs from Vegas.  You know those shot glasses and t-shirts and stuff.  I didn't really find much but it killed off about an hour while we did some last minute shopping. Then we headed back to the Luxor to go through the Bodies Exhibit.

That's a neat exhibit too.  It's been around Canada so if you have seen it, you know what I am talking about.  If you haven't seen it you should, it's pretty amazing.  Just the ways that they have dissected the human body and the different things they show you.  It is so informative and worth every penny we paid to go in.  The only room that is a little disconcerting is the room where they have fetuses.  I am always bothered by babies dying before their time and stuff so that was a little hard to look at. But it was still neat the way they had preserved the bodies and things.

Finally, Courtney and I got our bags and we caught the shuttle to the airport. We arrived early to the airport but it was a good thing since the airport has two different buildings and we had to catch the shuttle over to the secondary building.  It was like being in the old Saskatoon airport.  It's one long hallway with not a lot to look at.  I was expecting to have to go through the body scanner or to be patted down to get through security but they just sent us through the metal detector and that was it.  Other people had to go through the scanner but I guess Courtney and I did not look threatening.  And that ended our Vegas trip, which was a great way to end 2010!!!


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