Viva...P.F. Changs?!?!?!

Ok one of the places Courtney and I were directed to eat at while in Vegas was P. F. Changs.  I know so many people who love this place, and everyone has always raved about the food.  So Courtney and I went.  To say that it was a let down might be a bit of a understatement.  I was very underwhelmed with the whole experience.

First the place was stupidly busy, they told us we would have an hour and forty five minute wait for a table.  Uh, that really sucked because Courtney and I had been walking all afternoon and evening.  It was already 7:30 so we weren't going to be eating until after 9.  We figured it was a bit of an overstatement but there was no where to sit and wait in the restaurant, so we walked around the shopping mall. 

Second, when we came back forty minutes later, like they asked, they had passed over us because we weren't there, and people ahead of us had not come back.  I looked at the maitre' d and told him that we were told to be back in 40 minutes and we were, so we would like a table.  I was getting grouchy!!  We still had no where to sit and wait so I sat on the floor and glowered.  Five minutes later, we were led to a table.  The lead us to a nice booth even not some little table for that I was grateful.

Third, the food was ok, it was tasty, but it was nothing spectacular.  Nothing that I couldn't get from a Chinese restaurant here or anywhere else for that matter.  And it was a little expensive.  Courtney and I shared a meal for two which was the best deal, but it didn't give you a huge selection of food to choose from.  So we sampled the lemon chicken and another chicken dish with brown rice and an appetizer.

The best thing about the meal was the mini desserts.  They were the perfect sizes for after a meal and did exactly what we needed to satisfy that sweet craving.  The complaint about the dessert, the one I wanted, the red velvet cake, was sold out so I had to have cheesecake. 

So I am not sure if I just didn't have the right food or what but it was a little disappointing after all the talk and hype for P.F.Changs.  Will I go again, it's a possibility but maybe only if there is a whole group of us and everyone else wants to go there.


  1. That's too bad about PF Changs. I love PF Changs and we go all the time in Seattle. Hopefully if you ever get the chance again, it will be better for you. I highly recommend the one in downtown Seattle!


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