Christmas 2010

This was our Pre- Christmas decorating.  We got the tree the last weekend that Chandler was home so he could help us decorate.  He's so big now!!

My boys and me.  It was a good picture.

Little Man was not happy about Christmas tree shopping.
It was a quiet Christmas this year in our household.  Chandler was at his dad's so we only had Leigham at home to celebrate with. My sister came down, but my brother was at his fiances parent's house.  My mom and Grandma did not come down because my sister and I were leaving for Vegas that night for our early morning flight.  Adrian's mom and brother came by for supper and gifts but his Dad was working so it was quiet and not at all like a Christmas we are used to.
Little Man in his Christmas PJs a tradition for everyone to get PJs Christmas Eve.

Hugs for Mommy

Sitting with Aunty!!

Merry Christmas Hugs for Sasha or as Little Man calls her "Gog"

We played games and ate a turkey. We cooked our Turkey in an electric oven this year, it was so fast and it didn't heat up our house like in past years.  We had stuffing and mashed potatoes and gravy, then we had rice crispie squares and shortbread cookies for dessert.  We played Scene It Disney and I kicked butt.  It was all in all a good day, but I miss the Christmas of the past when I got to spend time with so many family members and friends.
Helping Dad open gifts.

Helping mom now

Even Sasha was spoiled.

So many presents for Little Man

He's blowing raspberries while he vacuums with his new Fisher Price Vacuum.  That's right my little man likes to clean, his favourite toys, a broom, a duster, a mop and now the vacuum.

Next year will definitely be different.  It should be fun!!! 


  1. I would trade you my 7 christmas' for your quiet one! Finley also loves all the cleaning equipment. I bought her the fisher price vacuum from a second hand store a few months ago, it was the best 5.50 I have ever spent on a toy! Can't wait to hear about your trip to Vegas, I am going in November for my sister's 30th!!


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