Viva.... Shopping

So our second day in Vegas was much more enjoyable than our first.  Courtney was feeling better so we were able to venture out of the hotel room.  And venture we did.  We had mapped out where the outlet malls were and had decided to do a day of shopping.  But we had to have breakfast first. 
Courtney's breakfast.

So after a quick breakfast in one of the hotel restaurants Courtney and I hit the strip to do some shopping.  We caught the Express Bus to the Premium Outlets.  We were there by about 10:30.  It was a busy day of shopping.  Courtney and I went into many stores, stores like Banana Republic, Carter's, Guess by Maricano, Guess, Columbia Outfitters, Fossil, Coach, Kate Spade, Burberry and many more that I can't even remember now.  Courtney and I had each bought a few things.  (when I say a few, I mean I almost filled my second suitcase lol)

My best buy by far was at Columbia Outfitters.  I was able to buy 3 winter jackets and a pair of ski pants for under $250.  It was an amazing sale and one of the things I really needed to get.  I was only shopping for Chandler and myself originally but the sales were so good I had to gt Adrian a jacket as well.

Then we got on the bus and headed back to the hotel room.  We were still considering hitting the Las Vegas Outlet Center on the south end at this point but the bus ride was so long we decided to leave it for another day.  While on the bus we went by Fremont street, we never got there at night, but next time I go I think I want to check it out.  Both of our bus rides that day were full of annoying people.  The ride down to the outlets had us sitting by two guys, one got more and more agitated as more people came on and he kept swearing under his breath. The other was so twitchy and spastic that I was worried he was going to kill people.  He kept asking me if I knew if the bus stopped on Charlston, and I kept telling him I wasn't from Vegas, I think he may have been the only person from Vegas on the bus.  I directed him that the Arts District stop might be his stop because it stopped at Charlston Ave.  So he got off, but he looked completely lost when he was on the street, but he was off the bus. 

Driving down the strip we were able to see all the hotels. Because everything is so big, it looks like it's close, but when you get there, it's so huge and the best piece of advice I was given is to bring comfortable shoes, because you will be walking a LOT!!!

My sister and I then decided to walk the strip that night, but I will blog about that later.


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