Viva... the spa and strip!!!

So as a wedding gift, or a bridal gift, to me, my sister bought us Spa treatments.  I had a massage and a mani and pedi.  I was in heaven for the morning.  Then I ran inot a problem getting dressed because my nails ended up smudging. I was a little disappointed but all the pampering had put me into a great mood so I didn't mind so much.  The spa at the Excalibur was really nice and just what the doctor ordered, although I have decided if I get a spa treatment again in Vegas it will be on my last day not one of the first days.  My feet were so sore from walking that night and I am sure it had a lot to do with the pampering they got that morning.

After the spa we went for lunch.  I made Courtney and I walk to In and Out burger for lunch.  It was ten minutes away walking and we just had to cross the free way no big deal.... or at least I didn't think it would be a big deal but we were acousted by an annoying guy, the conversation went a little like this.

"Hey girls how are you" Annoying Guy (AG) greeted speed walking from behind us as we started walking towards the over pass.  He shrugged his back pack further up his shoulder.
There was a non commital response from Courtney and I, just "oh good." very quietly because he seemed weird.  We did not wish to engage him in conversation, however this was not our lucky day.
"Oh yeah, me too.  So do you like perfume?" AG asked reaching into his backpack.
"Nope," Courtney and I said in unison, Courtney continued, "I work in a scent free office and can't wear perfume."  I told him I was allergic (lol).
"Oh yeah me too, but here this is Mariah Carey's new scent.  We used to be tight but we had a falling out."  Laughs AG spraying the perfume onto a piece of cloth and waving it around.  He then handed the cloth to Courtney.
I rolled my eyes and Corutney sniffed the perfume. "So do you like it?" pressed AG.
Courtney admitted it was ok, but didn't really care for it.  She handed the perfume sample back and sped up her walking. 
"Yeah me too," AG agreed.  AG adjusted his walking speed and brought out another sample of perfume.

He then handed Courtney another scent to smell, Courtney did and said it was nice again.
"So which one do you prefer?" AG asked.
"Neither really," answered Courtney. 
"Oh come on all girls like perfume."
"No I really don't," Courtney said.  I continued walking rolling my eyes and shaking my head.
"Yeah me too," AG agreed.
Huh, was all I could think, he just said all girls like perfume and now he agrees that not all girls like perfume.
"I used to have like 30 bottles but these are the only two I have left,"AG explained, "I sold all the other bottles in like 2 hours."
This is where I was sure that the bottles of perfume were hot items, not as in hot and desirable, but as in hot and stolen.
"Are you ladies from here?" questioned AG as we continued walking.  I had tried speeding up and slowing right down to lose him but he maintained speed with us. We told him we were visiting.
"Yeah me too.  So are you from out of state?" we told him we were, Courtney told him we were from Canada, I could have shot her.
"Yeah me too."
"He is not." I said, I am sure he could hear me, but he continued talking all the same.
"No actually I am from California (seriously) but it's like the same thing "(is he on drugs, oh wait probably).
He asked if we were staying at the Motel Six and we told him no, he told us "Yeah me too."  Seriously most annoying guy.
Finally he started walking faster than us and I had Courtney stand and look at the freeway for a bit.  Then we continued on our way to In and Out.  I thought it was worth the trip, Courtney felt they put too many onions on their burger, but she didn't order with me so I couldn't help her to order her burger properly.  Funny though as we got to the intersection where we headed towards In and Out, he headed towards the Motel Six.

After we went back to the hotel room for our seista.  Two hours later we were ready to head out on the strip. 

We checked out the M &M store, then we made our way further down the strip.  Courtney filmed the Bellagio fountains, and I watched as my camera's battery died.  We also did the Madame Tousseaus Wax Museum.  It was a lot of fun.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!!


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