Edmodo or School Rack

I am trying to find a website that I can use in tandem with my students, to help engage the learning long before they reach the classroom and long after they leave the classroom.  I want the learning experience to be a memorable and at least parts o fit to be unforgetable.  There are so many websites out there and I guess depending on what you want to use the website for it will make a difference to which you will choose.

I have choosen two different websites and I may end up with only one after a bit, but I want to give them both a chance.  The other consideration is to find out which websites your school will allow your students to access while on the internet.  Knowing that most schools block Facebook and the like, teachers need to have websites where they can interact with their students in live time and not just in emailing.  It could solve some problems with needing subs and the like if you can connect with your students via an internet link.

So the two sites I am using right now are Schoolrack and Edmodo.  I am drawn more to Edmodo, but Schoolrack is alright.  Schoolrack is more basic, you post assignments and tests on the line, it's like a real time timeline, where Edmodo is like Facebook for students and teachers.  As the teacher you control who comes onto your site and what comments are left.  You can post questions and then the students respond and you can moderate the responses and stuff. 

While on that site I found some other cool things that could be used for teaching.  If you are a teacher and want to bring more technology into the classroom, check out this site and look into the communities they have lots to offer.


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