Viva... Fat Burger

Drinking a Starbucks before the flight
When I travel, my travels often revolve around where I can eat and the different restaurants I would want to try while i am travelling.  It's just who I am, I am not a foodie, but I suppose I could be.  I enjoy a great meal, whether it's a fancy restaurant or fast food drive through.  Some notable places I have encountered in my travels are In N out Burger, Sonics, The Forest Buffet in Harrah's in Tahoe, and The Byron Cafe on the Byron Highway in California.  There have been experiences that haven't always been good, but I am generally happy with trying new restaurants.  So after my sister took to the bed on our first night in Vegas, I travelled down the strip to find a place to eat.

I had looked on line and found that In N out Burger was just down the block and across the freeway from our hotel.  It's literally like a 5 minute walk but it was late at night and I had to walk under the one overpass and I was alone since Courtney couldn't be trusted to make it 5 feet without puking. ( I felt bad for her, I really did, but it dampened my first night in Vegas).  So I headed over the walkway from Excalibur to New York New York. 

In New York New York, I was given free passes to Coyote Ugly, which I did not go to, again because I was by myself.  There are some places in this world where you can travel on your own, but I don't feel the clubs of Vegas are one of those places.  There were pretzel places and coffee places and pizza places, but I didn't have a hankering for any of those.  I then noticed two boys walking through the casino with CVS Pharmacy bags.  So I decided to head down the strip to try to find this CVS.  I felt it should be close and that I could find something else to eat along the way.

So after walking past MGM, the M and M store, the Coca Cola Store I found the Walgreens Pharmacy and in I went.  I was able to purchase some pharmaceuticals for Courtney, and I may have blogged about this already, but I can't remember.  It's been awhile since I actually sat down and blogged.  I have opened my blog but I just couldn't sit down and write anything.  But now I can so here we go......

Across the alley from Walgreens is this little fast food restaurant called Fat Burger.  There is one in Calgary, but it's like a 50s diner for burgers, the burgers are really good, and their fries were good as well.  They also have some tasty milkshakes.  These are some pictures of my first supper in Vegas.  (I had a less than glorious pizza from Pizza Hut for lunch before Courtney got all ill).  I was very happy.

I have to say that the service and food were both exceptional, and the restaurant itself was very clean.  I enjoyed the guy at the till he was very friendly.  Also the customers that sat beside me at the counter while I waited for my meal were quite entertaining.  They were discussing relationship issues and those are always fun to listen in on. It can make you appreciate your own relationship so much more!!!

After I had filled my belly with sustenance I headed back to the hotel.  I spent some money gambling then I went up to the room to read my book.  Vegas on your own is not that much fun lol....But the trip did get better and I will let you all know about it later.


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