Viva....Exhibits and Ross Dress for Less

Courtney and I slept in on Thursday.  After our late night on Wednesday we deserved a day to sleep in and relax.  We decided we were going to stay near the hotel and enjoy the all day buffet, so we looked for things to do within walking distance of the hotel. It was not hard to find things to do.

We bought our all day buffet passes and ate breakfast.  It was a decent buffet, not necessarily as good as the Saskatoon Inn buffet, or the buffet in Jackpot Nevada, but t was pretty good.  The selection was huge and the selection also looked good, not wilted or neglected like some buffet's look. 

Then Courtney and I headed down to the ticket box office to buy passes to three different exhibits.  They had 8 exhibits to choose from and they were charging $54 for all three.  It was a pretty good deal seeing as all the exhibits were over $25 each and the sale price at the Tickets for Less booth were around $20.  So after deciding on CSI, Titanic and Bodies Courtney and I started our day.  I would love to include pictures in this post but unfortunately Vegas has something against pictures in their exhibits and we were not able to take any pictures.  I was very sad :(

Courtney and I started out by shopping at Ross in the morning.  Even at 11 the streets were getting congested with people.  Each day I am sure the population of Vegas increased by the thousands preparing for New Year's Eve.  I think it could have been fun to spend New Year's in Vegas, but I am actually glad we didn't.  I like being around people, but sometimes they become quite trifling.  I was able to find some great buys at Ross (as always) and then we headed back to the hotel.

We ate a small lunch and had some coffee, then headed back over to MGM.  We decided to go explore this casino for a bit and to check out the CSI exhibit first.  It was a neat exhibit, but almost something geared more towards the younger audience of Vegas.  Courtney and I chose our crime scene then we went in to observe and take notes on what we saw.  After we had to visit the different labs to process our evidence.  The labs were various computer stations that lead you through the evidence processing, but really you couldn't get wrong answers as they were spoon fed to you.  It was fun, but I am sure Chandler would have gotten a bigger kick out of it then I did.  Still it was a good way to break up our afternoon.

After supper, which was a late supper because Courtney and I had another Siesta for like 2 hours, we went down to the Casino to gamble some more.  We had been gambling here and there while in Vegas, I had won $400 in total so it was a good investment and we had fun!!  After that we headed over to the Luxor to check out the Titanic Exhibit.

Now for those of you who know me well, you will know that I cry at the end of sad movies, I cry at the end of sad novels, or at sad parts in novels.  I am a fairly empathetic person and sometimes the travesties of the world are very depressing for me.  That being said the Titanic Exhibit was amazing but it did make me really sad when we went through it.  As you go into the Titanic Exhibit you are given a card with a passengers name and information on it.  You go through the exhibit and learn about the passengers and see relics from the actual ship.  It is very awe inspiring to imagine that maiden voyage.  So many people were transferred to the Titanic because of the coal strike and these passengers had never intended to sail on this ship.  It's fairly, I have lost the word for it, because it's late, but if that coal strike had not been on, the Titanic may not have sailed with such a full load of passengers and maybe more would have survived.  However, the coal strike was on and that strike filled the Titanic on this disastrous voyage.  At the end of the exhibit you go into a room where it lists all the classes and in each class it lists the survivors and deaths.  It is very sad, and I tried to stay strong but my eyes welled up and some tears spilled down my cheeks. So many people died and unnecessarily, there were so many could of, would of, should of moments about that whole night.  I can't even express fully the emotions I felt going through that exhibit.  I strongly suggest seeing this exhibit if you get a chance!!!

After that Courtney and I called it a night so that we could get ready for our last day in Vegas!!!


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