Superhero Birthday Party!!

It seems that gone are the days when every birthday party was the same.  From 1-4 you had family over, opened presents, ate some cake, took some pictures and let the kids do what toddlers do.  Then from 5-8 you played simple games like Pin the tail on the donkey, musical chairs or pop the balloon, cake, presents and then home.  9-12 you might have sleep overs and watch movies, eat popcorn, maybe even go to a hotel or the city for a special trip.  Then in the teen aged years it was really whatever you wanted to do, movies, parties at the house, but you were old enough to start planning them yourself and parents were able to take a glorious backseat and just finance the excursion.

photo by TripleTenPhotography
Now birthday parties are to the extreme!! And I've fallen right into the trap, each of Lil Man's birthdays have been envisioned and executed with meticulous planning.

We had a pumpkin patch theme when he was one, I made Pumpkin like cupcakes with snoopy decals, and everyone came out to the Jungle Farm.  It was a great day, and the weather was fabulous.

Then the next year we had it at the house (I hated it!!!) but the theme was Old McDonald's farm.  I made Piggie cupcakes, we made animal face masks and the kids played in the back yard. It wasn't too bad but I felt pulled in so many directions, keeping the kids engaged in the activities and trying to visit with friends that came by.

For his third birthday we went to McDonalds. It was out of the house and really inexpensive, I think for 12 kids we payed $40.  The kids played in the play centre and ate lunch and then we had cake and opened presents.  I think I did something with the cupcakes that year too but it wasn't memorable so I don't remember.

His fourth birthday ended up a bust, because it dumped like a foot and half of snow in one days. Roads were impassable and the city roads were slick. So a quick change in plans we had it at the house again.  Only 4 people made it, but Lil Man had a great time so it wasn't horrible. It was a good birthday for at the house with so few people.

Now enter age 5.  And add into account that I am not currently working and have all this extra time on my hands to do crafty things so what do I decide to do.... A superhero party.

I ventured to Pinterest where I knew all things superhero would be located. And were they ever, masks, invitations, cupcake decals, thank you cards, photo booth props, and so much more.  So we decided to prepare for the superhero birthday party.

Invitations were printed and sent out. i got these from another website, and it's amazing!!

The photographer, TripleTenPhotography, was booked and photo props were made.

Capes for the kids to decorate with fabric paint and markers were surged and sewn. (thanks to Cori for the surger and Rolly for coming to help me sew)
courtesy of TripleTen Photography

Cupcakes were made and decorated and we were ready to go.

It was a good day, but it was a lot of work, a lot of preparation, and I know the kids had fun, but they would have had just as much fun in a room with balls to play with.  Was it worth it?  Yes! Absolutely!  Would I do it again? Yes I probably would.  Do I miss the simplistic birthdays of my childhood? yes my mom was so lucky!!


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