Quiet Early Mornings

I love early mornings, truth be told I'm a morning person and I've always been a morning person.  Seems to me I've got a little one now who shares my love for mornings so having quiet hours by myself in the morning are going to be rare commodities in the future.  But it is so peaceful and serene to sign in my house while the boys sleep, traffic rolls by creating a peaceful beat as the furnace kicks in and my coffee brews in the Kuerig.

Today the baby is up, but he's happily playing on the floor.  He has learned to crawl over the past month and takes every opportunity to get around and find things I thought I had picked up.  Chandler and Lil man are still sleeping, Lil Man thought getting up at 6 was an idea, but I told him we still had to sleep, so I laid still in bed until his breathing evened out.  After his breathing evened out, I stole from my room with Prince T and we came downstairs to sit in the solitude of the morning.

Unless I want to get up at 5:30 each morning I don't get this time very often.  With the boys having to be on the bus by 7:40 and 8 am, we are up at 6:30 getting breakfast made, lunches packed, showers going, and all those other little tasks we need to do to get out the door.  It's hectic, it's a whirlwind of activity, with everyone going in a variety of directions.  Then they leave and it's just me and that baby.

You'd think at that time I could enjoy the quietness that mornings offer, but it's almost too late at that point, my mind's been engaged, I've started my 'to do' lists in my head.  I've put myself in drive and it's time to move forward.  No after the boys are off to school that time for me to just sit and be in neutral has passed, I can't get back to that just woken up and appreciative stage of the day.

So because these are so few and far between I relish them, I like to draw them out as long as possible, and one would think the weekends would be a great time to install these quiet mornings into my routine, did I mention I became a hockey mom this year.  Yup, a hockey mom, and do you know what time practice is?? Oh yeah it's at 7am  or 8 am.  I love when it's at 8 that means we get to sleep in, but often it's at 7, 7:15, 7:30 or 7:45 so we are up by 5:30 to get ready to go, and when I take Lil Man to hockey i also drag the baby with us!!

I love the slowness and laziness with which I can wake up on these holiday mornings, where no one is demanding my time or attention. It may only last for 15 minutes, but they are some of the best me times of the day!! It's the time of the day where I can roll out of bed, pad downstairs and sit with my coffee just enjoying the sounds and sights around me.  I can casually think and ponder on what I want. I can WRITE without worrying about being disturbed.  I can listen to the baby giggle has he discovers something new.  I can get up and not worry about brushing my hair or getting dressed just yet, sitting in my pjs with unruly hair is all I need and I am happy!  So very content and it starts my day off amazingly!!!

What's your favourite time of the day? Why is it your favourite time of the day?


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