December's Blog Schedule

In the spirit of becoming more consistent with my writing and dedicating time each day to this craft I've chosen I decided it was time to get more organized.  As I was walking through my local Walmart store I spotted their desk calendar display and this great family organizer calendar popped out at me.

It's fabulous, just perfectly girly for me, and though it's designed for a family calendar I'm using it for my daily calendar of organizing my life.  I've got a section for workouts, for blogging, for photos, for writing (typing out the novel), and a Miscellaneous section.  It's great, but because it also has all these spots I can make the calendar into a monthly calendar for my blog ideas.

So I've got my blogs all set up for the month of December, now they aren't completely written in stone, and some my have to be changed as I write and some other ideas may come up.

I've divided the week into different sections so that I blog about a specific topic each day.  This is how they break down; Menu Monday, Crafting Tuesday, Outdoor Wednesday, Life Update Thursday, Fitness Friday.

I tried to do alliteration for the days but after Monday and Friday I lost my creativity, I was going to do a DIY day but I don't do a lot of DIY projects so that's what Life Update Thursday is for, now I've get to get writing these posts!!

Happy Blogging for me!!!


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