My little hockey player

Ok I know that I said I hadn't wanted to become a hockey mom, I know I said it, and now here I am almost weekly posting about how I am a hockey mom and almost bragging about it!! The truth is I can't help it, I just can't help it!  I am so proud to see my Lil Man doing something that he has such passion in, that I can't not write about it or show videos and pictures of him doing what he loves!!
in canskate lessons

He started out the season barely being able to skate, he was, in his own words, "skating like a penguin".  He would just take baby steps on the ice and was a frequent faller.  He would 'skate' two steps and fall, then he'd get up and 'skate' two more steps and fall.  He always got back up though, he never cried, he never quit, he just kept on trying. (I'm sure I've said this before too)

Last weekend while the team was practicing he was playing in the net with the goalie. I think he wants to be like his uncle Nelson and play goal.
 He was asked at the end of the game if he'd like the opportunity to play goal, we decided to wait until he could see if the pads would fit. He was a little upset but I'm sure he'll play goal soon!

He's been getting better and better, and he listens to his coaches so well!! 

Here's to a great hockey season!! 


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