The next 6 weeks!!!

At the beginning of November I contacted a friend of mine to help me set up a personal training schedule that I could do at home and that would help me train for the Seawheeze in August.  I know that I can do this half marathon, but I need to strengthen my body to be able to complete my goal and goal time.   So I know it will take a lot of work and determination and discipline.

So she came over the other weekend and helped me to set up my training schedule.  We are doing 6 days a week, which after a week may be a bit of a lofty goal, but I completed it and I plan to stick with it.  (my only set back being getting strep throat on Sunday so I've had to take two unscheduled days off )

I have two leg and ab days, a day for chests and triceps, biceps and back, a shoulder day and a run day.  So we are working all the major areas, it usually takes me 30-45 minutes to complete minus my little cardio which is a run.  I'm in desperate need of a treadmill now that the snow has fallen!!

I've enjoyed my exercising and I am going to buy some new gym equipment for my house, more free weights and a body bar, things that won't take up too much room but will allow me to increase my workouts at home.  The goal is (at least for me) to be able to run 5Km in 30 minutes by the end of this 6 week training period.  I know I can, I've got 5 weeks left and right now I'm running 2 km in 17 minutes, and my 4 km was at 35 minutes.  A little more conditioning and a little more training and I know I'll be there.  I've even created a playlist on my iTunes account which is going on my phone very quickly but that's how I'll measure my changes.  I can run through one song right now, next time let's run through one song and first verse of the next and so on until I get where I want to be!!


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