Starting Lil Man on a chore chart

I'm horrible for using chore charts. Translation, I don't use them, I just sort of assign chores at random.  It makes things a bit chaotic, and sometimes things don't get done and if the kids don't know they are supposed to do that chore, then they don't do it.

Lil Man loves to help out around the house! He's all about the vacuuming, and sweeping and mopping and doing dishes. Granted none of these are done to a standard that would pass a health inspection but he does the best he can and that counts for something. My hubby and I disagree on this point, I believe that if a child puts in the effort to complete a task and they say its complete then you leave it, making notes in your head to show them next week how to improve that task.  My hubby is of the mindset that if they don't do it the way you want the first time, make them do it again, and if it gets too frustrating then you just do it yourself.  So because I'm me and I think I'm right, (maybe a bias here) I think children develop more than just clean skills by having parents let them clean, they develop self confidence and self esteem as well.  So if you are always undermining them and either redoing the task or never thanking them for what they do it doesn't breed for a fun household.
he's sleeping with his swiffer

So now I'm going to get Lil Man started on his chore chart, I think I'll do it as reward based chart.  Thus, allowing him to earn activities that he likes and allowing me to keep my sanity.

I've used Pinterest as my research launch pad and found some great kids chore chart pins that I've then visited different websites to pull what I want.  This was the starting point website to find a wide variety of chore charts

I'm going to put the chore chart in a page protector or a picture frame so that it works like a white board.  I'm going to use this chore chart from as it will let me have two sections for him to start. I want to do personal care and cleaning around the house in two separate sections and this one works great!!

Now I'm going to use these reward cards from to help Lil Man earn some rewards each week. These are great because they aren't something he normal gets and as the system starts running better in our house I can go back to this website and download the kit and personalize those cards more.

I'd considered making some charts for Chandler but I think he'd be pretty irritated with me if I did that.  He's pretty good now and does his chores when he's asked.

The bonus is, if I stick to this the system will be in place for Prince T when he gets older and can start cleaning up after himself.


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