Chandler turned 16

Talk about time flying by!! Chandler, my little Chandlerman, is sixteen years old.  He's going to get his drivers license soon!! He's in grade 11, he's got a girlfriend, and soon he will have a part time job!!

Life is flying by, not at a rate where I don't see it but when your first baby hits their first major milestone, it's humbling.  I mean this is where I'm at, Chandler is 16, I'm sure I posted about this on Facebook ad nauseam.  Chandler is a pretty amazing kid, he's had some hiccups along the way, he's made some questionable choices but has handled the consequences with a maturity you don't usually see in 16 years old now a days.  He's becoming a man and someday soon he's going to be a legitimate adult and that's scary.

Chandler had a simple birthday party.  He had his girlfriend and his friend Eli over for supper. I was going to make it for him, but I got sick, like fever of 102, chills, sweats, sore throat.  I was not in a good place, but I got Chandler everything he needed for his birthday supper then he and his friends made the supper and enjoyed a cake I baked for him.. nothing fancy it was cake from a box, with chocolate frosting and sprinkles.

His friends stayed playing games for a few hours after supper then they left. It was a quiet and appropriate birthday and I think Chandler was happy with it, I mean that's what he told me.

Two days later he got the second part of his birthday present, he and three friends went with his Uncle Nelson to Edmonton for the day. They wanted to go have lunch at Hooters, but apparently Hooters has relocated out of the West Edmonton Mall so they just went to Earls.  He said they had a good time shopping and hanging out so I was glad I could arrange that for him.

His final part of his birthday happened a week after his birthday.  He wanted to go to the Theory of a Deadman concert in Red Deer, so I bought him a ticket and he was excited to go. He really wanted to meet the band so he considered going really early or staying really late to try to meet the band. However, he just moved up the to stage and he talked with the lead singer and even high fived him twice. He was a pretty happy teenager when he got home.

And I'm a pretty proud momma!! I hope all my boys can turn out as fabulously has Chandler has turned out!!


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