My Guilty Pleasure

Guilty pleasures, those things we relish and enjoy but know that they are either bad for us, or something that would get us mocked for it people knew we indulged.  I have a few guilty pleasures, surprising none of them are food.

My guilty pleasures revolve around television.  I love television, if I'm home alone I watch television just to watch television and it's never any of those news programs, it's daytime television or some recorded television I happen to be watching at the time.  Now depending on the programming time of year my guilty pleasure can change, if one program is not on, I find a replacement for it.

In the summer my guilty pleasure is Big Brother. I love Big Brother, it's hilarious to watch these groups of people fall into a mini community confined and excluded from all other life.  I think it's fascinating, and I also think it's fascinating that there are always different winners each year, sometimes it's with a lot of background help from production and sometimes it's bitter juries and sometimes it's skill that lets a person win.  But it's not always the biggest guy, or the smartest person, or prettiest girl that win. One thing I find with Big Brother is it is generally a young persons game.  The older houseguests don't always mingle very well and are often targeted early.

In the fall my guilty pleasure is Survivor. I've been a fan of Survivor since Season 2, I loved Elisabeth and Roger, they were and still are my favourites.  Again this is another social experiment where people not only have to survive the elements of a tropical area, but they must survive each other and try to earn the million dollars without ticking off too many people who will eventually vote for you to win. I find where Big Brother is a young persons game, Survivor is an older persons game, and not like grandparent age or anything, but of the tribe members the younger ones are often cut early and the older members last longer.

My all year guilty pleasure though is Days of Our Lives.  For over 16 years I've followed the Brady, Horton, Dimera families and I will continue to follow them until they take them off my television, and then I may stop watching daytime television completely.  I used to watch Another World and As the World Turns, but both those shows have been cancelled.  I miss them!!

But there you have my guilty pleasures!! They bring me such joy!!


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