Teddy Bear is growing up

When I had Chandler I was very young, and I had the energy of the young on my side, and he was an amazing sleeper, I'm older now and the energy I had in my early 20s has long since vanished.  I was able to have my Chandler sleep in his bed quite early and he slept for 8 hours a night, it was wonderful, I didn't know babies didn't usually do that, so when Lil Man was born, well I was shocked.  He was a terrible sleeper, he'd cat nap through the day and was up two to three times a night, every night and hated sleeping in any bed buy mine, so he slept in our bed for a long time and would crawl into our bed every night for years, he'd finally stopped but now he's sort of started again.  And now I have Teddybear, he's a much better sleeper than Lil Man, but I'm not noticing him being as good a sleeper as Chandler, but I'm thinking it's more a me thing then a him thing.

Why would I say that you ask?  Well.......

I have Teddybear's bassinet in my room and he's never really liked it, he sort of tolerates it, same with his playpen where I generally lay him down for his nap is in the living room.  I put him in these places because they are close to me and I hear him better and he's closer to night time nursing.  (See a me thing, not a him thing)  Yet this afternoon, I put him into his crib for a nap and he slept for 2 and 1/2 hours.  It was his best nap since school ended and I am thinking maybe he's telling me he's ready to sleep in his own bed.  Sort of breaks my heart, I'm not ready to let him grow up, but if it means I get to sleep for 8 hours a night I might be willing to compromise.

My baby is growing, he's 2 and 1/2 months old and I love him to death, and I'm not ready for him to be getting older, but I am ready to start watching him develop into the handsome man I know he's going to be!!


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