Sylvan Lake Day trip

Summer is such  busy time! During the school year, school monopolizes your children's time so you only have to plan activities for two days a week but once July hits it's up to the parents to ensure their children are entertained for the summer (or the day care provider if you are working).  But let's be honest you are at least taking a week or two off in the summer where your children are home with you! So what do you do with them.

I've posted some of the things we have done with the kids this summer, camping at Gull Lake, day trips to Gull Lake, The Spark Center in Calgary, Parks around Red Deer and today I'll tell you about the Lakeshore at Sylvan Lake.

If you are from the Red Deer area or Alberta you have probably been to Sylvan Lake at some point or at least heard of it.  It's about twenty minutes from Red Deer on highway 11 and 11A.  It's a growing community of over 13,000 residence and I am sure it's population spikes in the summer time.  Weird fact that I know about Sylvan Lake is that it used to be named Snake Lake.... I'll let you figure out why!

Today I took the boys out to Sylvan Lake for ice cream and to spend some time in the water.  It was a hot day and I wanted to visit with a friend.  I met my friend at the Big Moo, after some discussion we determined which place I meant as there are two locations in Sylvan for the same business. One is the Big Moo and the other is More Moo.  We all got ice cream, well Lil Man got a slushy drink, the ice cream was so good and just what I wanted on the hot day.  Lil Man dropped his slush and didn't even cry about it, I was quite impressed actually.  After ice creams we parted ways, my friend was going on a lake cruise and Lil Man, Teddybear and I were heading to the lake.

Lil Man spent about an hour in the lake, he took a tumble down the stairs and that was the end of his time in the lake.  Teddybear and I just relaxed on the beach blanket and watched Lil Man playing.
 We waved to my friend on the boat cruise as it went by and we're impressed with the guy that was propelling himself into the air with water and he was connected to a seadoo.  Not sure what that was all about but it was interesting to watch.

After the lake activities were done we wandered down the beach to the park and Lil Man played at the park for half an hour.  I was even able to play with Lil Man on the car apparatus for a bit!! It was a lot of fun and Lil Man was in a really good mood today.

We are now back home and my house is so warm that we are sleeping in the trailer!! First night to use the trailer, but hubby gets to take it camping first!!


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