Calgary Zoo 2014

Last year I was able to go to the zoo twice before the flood.  I went within days of each visit back in May and it was wonderful.  The first time I went with the girls from work and the second time I went with my little family.  We had a great time, as we always do when we go to the zoo, but then the flood happened and I hadn't been back since.

I have huge amounts of faith that the zoo would be restored and even improved after the devastation of the flood and I was right, today I took the two little boys to the zoo with our friends.  Lil Man had been earlier in the season with his grandma and Papa, but this was my first time taking him.  He was very excited to be going with his best friend and couldn't wait to see the dinosaurs, flamingos and lions.

We arrived early and bought season passes. As a season pass is good for one calendar year, it was a good deal, I enjoy going to the zoo and If we go 3 times in a year it's paid for itself.

The first exhibit we saw was the penguin exhibit! I love those guys!! They are so cute, and man can they move, they were flying through the water and even splashed us.  Lil Man and Miss S thought it was stinky in the exhibit, it did smell like fish. After we left the penguin exhibit we had to stop for bathrooms and feeding of the babies.

The next tour took us into the prehistoric area of the zoo.  There we saw dinosaurs!! It's such a staple part of the Calgary Zoo that I will be sad if they ever take it out. And if they do take it out they better put something amazing in it's place.  Dinosaurs are a huge part of Alberta's history and having the exhibit at the zoo helps kids see the type of environment dinosaurs lived in, ok I'm done with my little soap box hahaha.  I think I like the triceratops the best, but Lil Man really liked the T-Rex and Igaunadon.
 They also liked exploring the cave area.  The zoo has changed since I was a little kid, there's no more crawling on the rocks or leaving the path like we used to be able to do...

After Prehistoria, we traveled to Eurasia.  We were able to see Red Pandas, flamingos
Macaqua monkeys, camels and Tigers.
had to keep hydrated it was a hot one!!
Plus we ate lunch as well.  The tiger we saw was so cute!! He seemed to be sleeping but Miss S who was trying very hard to get the animals attentions called out and the tiger began to lift his head to see what was going on!!
It was really hot today so most of the animals were sleeping when we went by their areas, but it was still cool to see them.

After lunch we went into the botanical gardens.  Lil Man really wanted to see the butterflies.  I enjoy the butterflies, but I'm such a spaz as they flew by me I'd flinch and try to get out of their way.  I was able to get a few really cool close up shots of the butterflies and flowers,

I love taking shots like that, they are so neat!!  Glad my camera has a setting for it and does all the hard focusing automatically, but it is something I'd like to learn more about. One day maybe...

The last area we went to was Africa (yes we skipped Canadian Wilderness we'll see it next time).  I was able to see the gorillas, the hippos, giraffes and lions.  I really like the Africa area, all those animals are so cute,
I mean the hippos are so awkward looking that they are cute and same with the giraffes.
Gorillas are just cute and so smart, one was playing with an infant hat and trying to tie the straps.
Lions, well I've loved lions since the Lion King and before.  I just think they are amazing animals and they are cats (I'm a cat person. Hey here's a question, why are wild cats still cute, while wild dogs are really hit or miss.  I mean a wolf can be cute, but a coyote or a dingo not so much)

That was our day, 6 hours later we were leaving the zoo!! We made a quick stop for a snack at Jelly Modern Donut and then we were on our way back home!! I'd say this day was a win!!


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