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There are a lot of reports that are causing fear mongering around the Facebook Messenger App.  They are supposed to be able to access your personal data, your pictures, your camera, your microphone and this could all be without your knowledge.  Or that's what they say.  I am personally against getting the Facebook Messenger App but it's not for the reason that many are thinking.

I don't agree with allowing and application to have carte blanche rights to my phone, it's no one's business what's on my phone except for me. Here someone broke down what they are asking your permission for on Facebook Messenger to download the app.  It's sort of the reason why I didn't get a company phone last time my phone came up for renewal.  I just don't need someone to tell me what apps I can have on my phone and what I can do with my phone on my down time, and I'm not about to have two phones because I need a phone for work, that's ridiculous. However, I digress....

The reason I will not get the Facebook Messenger App is because I think it's a pointless waste of space on my phone. Why do I want another app from Facebook when the Facebook app had messenger on it and was working out just fine??  My phone doesn't have a whole lot of storage for extra nonsensical apps when the first app was working out just fine.

You may ask why I'm not worried about the first part of my blog, the whole access to all kinds of aspects of my phone, well the truth is, they probably already have that access due to the Facebook app. Here is a link with more info on this I also understand that a lot of it has to do with the language these things have to be written in for legal purposes and that the jargon doesn't always say what the app creator wants to do with.  Facebook Messenger wants access to my camera and photos in the event that I want to send a photo through messenger, and my microphone in case I want to use talk to text to send messages.  I get it, I understand!

I'm still not getting the application, because Facebook is just being greedy and wants to monopolize my time and storage space, and now they are "forcing" me to get it, if I want to read messages on the Facebook app on my phone.  Well screw you Facebook, I'll just log onto my computer to check my messages and your messenger app can go shove itself off a cliff.

Rant over!!!


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